Ducks 'n a Row: De-Cluttering For a Beautiful Home

08 November 2013

De-Cluttering For a Beautiful Home

Guest Post by Jessica Christian of 4 Interior Design

It does not matter how carefully decorated your home is, if there is clutter in every room the house will look awkwardly proportioned, poorly designed and not the comfortable and inviting haven that you had hoped! My family is a large one, two adults and three children, and we all love our 'stuff'! For this reason we have to constantly reshuffle storage spaces and make valiant, although often futile, attempts to declutter each and every room in the house! For this reason, I am something of an expert at the process…

Living Room: The first steps to achieving a beautiful room begin with removing absolutely everything from the room. We had to lay a new carpet a couple of years ago and, obviously, needed to take everything out of the room so as to clear and clean the floor. We packed the kitchen, our tiny storeroom and various other spaces with the furniture, ornaments, books and other sundries from the living room until we had a beautifully clear space. While the room was empty, and before we put down the carpet, we seized the opportunity to paint the walls. After the carpet was in place and looking good, we slowly began the process of returning the contents to the room. 

First of all, we brought in the big, bulky pieces; the sofas and the bookcases. Next came the coffee table and the side tables. Then the hard work began! We sorted through every single book, ornament and DVD, making sure that we only kept books and movies that we really liked and would read or watch again. I also made sure that any ornaments that we kept fitted into our colour scheme of cream with turquoise, navy and red touches. 

The final touch in the living room was to add in a multitude of comfortable and attractive cushions and throws to infuse it with an air of warm welcome. We could not have so thoroughly decluttered our living room without emptying it completely, and I would recommend that you do the same. However, do make sure that you have at least a week to sort through everything carefully, especially if, like us, you are prolific readers and collectors!

Kitchen: Decluttering a kitchen is back-breaking work! We accumulated many odd pieces of crockery and cutlery, as well as being given a couple of sets of each for our wedding and over time this amounted to a huge and fairly ugly stack of porcelain in our cupboards. We went through all the cupboards and storage areas throwing away single plates and any that did not go with our crockery theme of floral motifs on a plain white background. We also binned an awful lot of useful, but oh-so-bulky jars and boxes that we had been keeping 'just in case'. As useful as ice-cream boxes and large jam jars are, they do not have any place in your kitchen unless you use them ALL on a regular basis!

Bedrooms can often be the receptacle for large pieces of equipment and boxes full of things that no-one wants to throw away, but that does not have an assigned space elsewhere. Keep control of your bedroom by not allowing anyone to store anything in your bedroom without a clear deadline for its removal!

Decluttering is a process that should be undertaken regularly; if you leave it for your annual spring-cleaning marathon you will have a whole year's worth of clutter to remove or re-home  Try to stay on top of clutter build-up by blitzing the entire house once a week, or perhaps, save it for a more in-depth session once a month – either way, make sure you control the clutter, not vice versa!

Jessica Christian blogs over at 4 Interior Design Jessica was born in U.k Manchester, and with a business administration degree,she has always had a hunch and a deep rooted feeling about “HOME DECOR.” In her own words, "I would like to be actually called as a HOME DECOR WORSHIPPER. I have always had an eye for interior design and this has always gripped me completely." . She shares her experiences and discoveries of home decoration with her readers. Please stop by her blog and let her know that you found her on Ducks 'n a Row!

Photo credits:
"Stylish Living Room" by Sira Anamwong  Free Digital Photos
“Bedroom with Bathroom” by Mr. Lightman  Free Digital Photos 
All of the remaining photos are courtesy of Pixabay

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