Ducks 'n a Row: How To Fasten A Bracelet Without Help

28 November 2013

How To Fasten A Bracelet Without Help

By Sinea Pies

bracelet fastener, how to fasten a bracelet #jewelry Ducks 'n a Row
A zillion years ago (in a galaxy far, far away?) my parents bought me the pretty bracelet pictured above. It is a turquoise blue (Really! In photos it looks more sapphire blue but it's not.) I was born in December and it was meant to resemble my birthstone

So simple and pretty, but there was one hangup. It is small enough that putting it on by myself is nigh on to impossible!  When I was living at home, mom or dad could help me clasp it. Now? My hubby is "all thumbs." No help with bracelets. So, it sat in the jewelry box, unworn for years. Poor, lonely bracelet.

Then, one day I was reading Good Housekeeping. They had such a simple tip that works and now I can wear my bracelet whenever I want to!

How To Fasten A Bracelet All By Yourself


The tip?  Use a jumbo paperclip as a fastening tool!

paperclip, bracelet

bracelet, paperclip

First, stretch out the paperclip to make it kind of an "S" hook.

Next, put one end of the paperclip into the hole in which you will hook the clasp.
Hold the other end of the paperclip up in your hand to steady the bracelet 
while you're hooking it closed.
Using or other hand, clasp the bracelet.
Remove paperclip.
Good to go!
bracelet fastening technique #jewelry Ducks n a Row

 Ever had this problem? How did you solve it?
We love great tips of all kinds!
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One of my readers shared that she bought a "bracelet buddy". Definitely prettier than the twisted paperclip.
Buy Bracelet Buddies here.

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