Ducks 'n a Row: Kitchen Appliance Trends

07 November 2013

Kitchen Appliance Trends

Guest post by Wayne

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and a functional but trendy design can make it one of the most popular parts of your house. Everyone is watching their money these days, and most consumers are looking for practical but smart solutions that can stand up to years of use. Below, we'll talk about how new technology has led to some interesting new kitchen design trends.

Built-in Appliances
People today are all about multitasking, and our new kitchen designs are no exception. To meet the demand, appliance manufacturers are coming up with built-in ovens, refrigerators, cooktops and even coffeemakers. When combined, these appliances can lend a unified, sleek look to your kitchen. Your new built-in appliances can be concealed behind a door or a panel that fits perfectly with your home's existing decor.

Multipurpose Ovens
Along with the trend toward built-in appliances, we're now seeing a greater demand for multipurpose ovens. Food prep methods and trends are constantly changing, and an oven that can handle more than one method is very useful. Ovens with convection, steam and traditional capabilities are a functional and worthwhile investment, but if there isn't room in your budget, consider getting a dual, side-by-side oven. You'll have a backup unit if one fails, and you'll be able to handle even the biggest holiday dinners with ease.

Gourmet Appliances
Today's cooks want a seamless look and great functionality, but they're still looking for gourmet features. Thermal cooktops offer even, consistent cooking, and five-burner gas hobs can come with an electric burner to offer the ultimate in versatility and convenience. Roomy refrigerators with temperature controlled compartments will leave you with plenty of room for fresh meats, dairy and vegetables, and under-the-counter, pull-out refrigeration units can provide extra cold storage.

Beverage Centers
More and more home kitchens are being built with beverage centers. Wine refrigerators and coolers have been around for quite some times, newer centers can hold wine as well as beer, sodas and other drink mixing choices. A built-in coffee machine can offer any number of hot beverages, and today's beverage centers are a must-have if you do a lot of entertaining.

White Appliances
Stainless steel has been very popular these last few years (and continues to be in demand), but white appliances are coming back into favor for their clean look. There are numerous options available from well-known manufacturers such as Whirlpool and Miele, allowing you to customize your kitchen to meet your usage and design preferences.

Kitchen appliance design trends change, but not nearly as fast as some other home design components. The avocado-hued appliances that were in vogue during the 1970s are far out of fashion, but in their place are functional and beautiful appliances in white and stainless steel. 

There are so many choices available that it's easy to come up with the kitchen of your dreams--regardless of the size of your budget. By choosing practical but attractive appliances, it's easy to make your kitchen into an extension of your personal style.

Make sure the appliances you pick will last the test of time so keep in mind the trends of today might not be as good looking in 5-7 years. Try and go with classic shapes to avoid having an out of date kitchen within a few years of renovating it. For more information please visit Kitchen Appliance Centre

Photo credits
Modern Kitchen by linus_art on Flickr Creative Commons
Couple Drinking Milk by Ambro freedigitalphotos dot net

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