Ducks 'n a Row: Preschool Ant Hill Game

01 November 2013

Preschool Ant Hill Game

By Sinea Pies

Here is a fun game that you can play with your preschoolers while they are learning about the letter A and ants.  

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You will need:
Small ants (plastic toys or homemade)
One Styrofoam cup
Wrapper with ants printed on them (simulates an ant hill)
One die
Colorful game board
Plastic game pieces from any game

preschool game

The object of the game is to race to the finish line. Whoever reaches the end first, or fills the anthill first, wins. Counting is the primary skill being taught. 

Your children will practice counting in three ways: 

  1. Rolling the die (the game will last a bit longer if the players cannot go more than 6 spaces per turn, so use just one)
  2. Counting spaces as they move ahead  
  3. Counting ants.  
How to Play:

Each player's turn includes rolling one die, moving their playing piece that same number of spaces and then counting out the same number of ants and putting them in the top.

Anthill and Ants:
Anthill is made by carving the bottom out of a small Styrofoam cup.  Print small ants on a piece of copier paper and attach it to the outside of the cup using glue-stick or clear tape. Trim the edges.  Make a circle out of paper and cap the wider end of the cup, which will be the bottom of the ant hill.

Small plastic ants can be purchased from party supply stores or toy stores. Another option is to make them on your computer and laminate the page.Then cut them out. Lots of cutting, but it's worth it!

Game board: Use any colorful game board. This one was part of a game book from The Mailbox:  The Mailbox Mix & Match Games


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