Ducks 'n a Row: Be a CLUTTER BUSTER! Get Organized In An Instant!

09 December 2013

Be a CLUTTER BUSTER! Get Organized In An Instant!

By Sinea Pies

Be a Clutter Buster! Don't you just love how that sounds? It is so empowering. 

clutter, dirty kitchen, kitchen clutter

Ever feel threatened by the walls of clutter around you? 
It is so menacing. 
So daunting. 
You just FEEL the need to BUST through.  

I have to admit, this title is not all so original. I saw it in a Family Circle magazine. The cover said something like "Instant Organizing." Wow. I was hooked. Then I opened it up and it said "Clutter Busting Tips"--I had to read on. 

The tips were good. Very good. But, not necessarily "instantaneous."  I was inspired to burst ahead with a new commitment in my own home but thought I could come up with a more "results in a moment" approach. After all, with determination some kinds of clutter can be whittled away until it is really gone. Other types take constant tending. They seem to re-grow overnight. Then, there are special tactics for situations that are an emergency in nature. 
clean counter, kitchen counter, kitchen

So, here are my clutter busting tips (and a link to a popular book called Clutter's Last Stand.)  

Tip Number ONE:  Keep counter tops clean. Put away anything that doesn't belong there before it decides it's found a home!

Tip Number TWO: Invest 15 minutes a day decluttering

Tip Number THREE:  Toss it! Don't let mail, receipts, empty grocery bags or any other kind of trash build up. Get it out of there. Throw it out or file it.

Tip Number FOUR: Categorize your cleaning. Separate out what stays, leaves the house (donate? re-gift?) or is thrown away.  Some people like using baskets or boxes to do it. If you use trash bags, do not accidentally throw away something that is to be saved.

Tip Number FIVE: Emergencies? Speed clean!

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Photo Credit: 
Cluttered Kitchen by eschipul on Flickr Creative Commons
Clean Kitchen by Anne Gordon on Flickr Creative Commons

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