Ducks 'n a Row: Choosing an Address Plaque

16 December 2013

Choosing an Address Plaque

Although it may appear insignificant, choosing the right address plaque for your home is actually an important decision that will affect the way the exterior your home appears for many years. Your address plaque needs to be in keeping with the architectural style of your house, but it also should be bold enough that it can easily be noticed by any visitors or emergency services.

It may seem obvious, but the first consideration to make when purchasing a new address plaque is the actual placement of it. Visibility is key- if a fence or mail box in front of your property is better suited to enable visitors to read the plaque, then place it there instead of right beside the entrance. 

The location of your address plaque influences not only the size of it, but also the design- you have to take into account the surroundings in order to ensure that it will stand out clearly enough. Once you have decided where precisely to locate your address plaque you can then start to plan the shape and size of
it- be sure to measure the space precisely as any mistake could mean your plaque stands out for all the wrong reasons! Shape is an important factor, you must decide whether a rounded or square design will fit with the scheme of your house, or even a custom shape.

The next vital consideration to take into account is what your plaque will be constructed from- whether acrylic, brass or glass it is important that you choose a material that complements its surroundings, try to avoid them clashing. If you have a traditional style house then it is best to opt for natural materials such as granite or oak, whereas if you have a more contemporary design of home, aluminium or acrylic will be far more suitable.

It’s essential that you make your address plaque as individual to you as possible, with the potential amount of properties on your street you want to be sure that people can find yours. This could include visitors, the post man, or emergency vehicles. This is also important to take into account if you’re selling your house, if a potential buyer can’t find your home that does not make a great first impression! The opposite is also true, if your address plaque is bold and beautiful, then a buyer will instantly be more enticed by your property. So, if you’re planning on purchasing an address plaque, be sure to purchase one that is as unique as your home is and really stand out from the crowd!

It is also worth noting that having a beautifully designed house address plaque doesn't have to cost a lot of money. In fact, there are businesses out there offering a design service so that you can tailor your address plaque to exactly the design feel you're after - just be sure it suits the look of the house. We have seen services similar to this to cost under $30 and pre-made plaques of the same quality actually costing over $100. 

This article was written on behalf of Design Your Address Plaque.  

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