Ducks 'n a Row: Christmas Tree Safety

26 December 2013

Christmas Tree Safety

By Sinea Pies

Lovely Christmas trees beautiful, so inspiring.  Danger is the farthest thing from out thinking when it comes to Christmas trees but Christmas trees do pose a hazard if not set properly. 

Keep your family, and especially the little ones, safe each holiday season. If you are reading this and your tree is already set up and trimmed, there are still some changes that you can make to protect those you love.

Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, presents, ornaments

Fire is the greatest concern. "Real" trees can be a major hazard, especially if they are dry and brittle. Artificial trees are not exempt from being a problem, though...they all burn.

Safety Tips For The Household:
  • Put distance between your tree and heat sources. Set the tree at least 3 feet away from flames -- fireplaces or candles -- heat sources and lights.
  • Keep live trees refreshed by replenishing the water in the tree stand every day. 
  • Do not block exits with your tree. Choose the location wisely.
  • Never, ever use real candles to decorate a Christmas tree or wreath. NEVER!
  • Needles beginning to fall? Your tree is now dry and dangerous. Do not light the lights. Time to un-decorate and dispose of the tree.

Safety Tips for Your Little Ones:
Young children and pets are fascinated by Christmas decorations. The pretty lights and glitter attract them. They want to touch, play and TASTE. 

Protect babies, toddlers, dogs and cats from ingesting hazardous material by decorating your tree strategically:
  • Add height.  Place ornaments higher than they can reach. Yes, it will look strange but it is worth it to avoid a disaster. Ornaments are not edible and some can cut when broken. Better a half-decorated tree than a trip to the hospital or worse.
  • No food. Keep candy canes and other food off your tree. It looks and smells too inviting to resist!
  • Fence it in, keep baby out! Soon as baby is mobile, it is time to consider just how to keep your little one away from the tree. Trees can topple if your toddler uses the branches to steady himself as he stands up or walk by. Put a baby fence around the tree to put distance between the little guys and the object of their affection! (Nice thing is that the fence can double as a baby play-yard to keep baby safely in, at other times!)
  • Hot lights burn. If you will not be using a fence, remember that lights can burn little hands. Buy LED lights, which do not get hot, to avoid a problem.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  • Adorable Santa Baby from Pixabay
  • Christmas tree w presents by hermanturnipF lickr Creative Commons
  • Christmas lights w dog by Dusty J Flickr Creative Commons

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