Ducks 'n a Row: Help Your Baby Sleep by Soundproofing Your Nursery

15 December 2013

Help Your Baby Sleep by Soundproofing Your Nursery

Unwanted noises could prove to be seriously disturbing for young children. Young minds need to concentrate well in order to pick up new skills and a noisy environment could also disrupt their sleep. So, should I soundproof my nursery? Well, it certainly is a potent move!

Opting for soundproofing your windows could cut out unwarranted sounds by almost 95%! Once you have these in place, your child can spend his learning days, indulging in carefree fun instead of battling it out with unwarranted noises he does not wish to deal with! However, there are a few aspects you would be required to take note of when soundproofing your windows.

How much would it cost?
Naturally, the very first question to come to mind is, how much would it cost when I soundproof my nursery? Well, the cost would depend on a host of factors. However, if you source your solutions for highly reputed providers they would certainly put in efforts for devising a solution that fits in your budget. Some of the criteria that would affect the costs would include the style of windows you have, the size of the windows in the nursery, the number of windows you wish to engage solutions in and the type of glass that is to be used.

It is also important to understand that soundproofing your windows would be more like a long term investment than a onetime cost. And, they would cost much lesser than you probably think. Remember, when you engage soundproofing solutions, your home becomes much more energy efficient since the cooling and heating systems consume less power. Therefore, your energy bills should decline noticeably. Besides, they also add value to your property. These are just some of the factors to be considered before attempting an assessment of the cost implications.

What else do I have to change in order to accommodate these windows?
Again, this is a common question most customers would ask since it would have a direct bearing on the cost implications. Do I need to change my existing window fittings when I soundproof my nursery? Will I be required to change the existing air conditioner? What else needs to be changed? Well, the bright news is that, soundproofing solutions when sourced from the right places can be used with your existing blinds.

There would be no need to change them at all. You can open them and clean them just as you would do with normal windows. Roller based solutions are best suited. Besides, you can very well use your existing air conditioning systems with these windows.

Your interiors will not be affected in any way. Once the windows are installed, you will enjoy complete access to the existing window. Frames and glasses will be lined up from one window to the next and all additional obstructions would be eliminated. These soundproof windows would virtually appear nonexistent when you open your windows.

However, it is essential to plan your moves when you decide on installing sound proof windows for your nursery. Choosing the solution provider with precision is the key. Visit Citiquiet to soundproof your nursery today.

Guest post by Carlie Styles.

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Photo credits:
Adorable baby on Pixabay

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