Ducks 'n a Row: Getting Up Close and Personal With Hosiery Care

24 January 2014

Getting Up Close and Personal With Hosiery Care

Learn how to take excellent care of your hosiery items so that you don’t have to go through more pairs of tights for women than absolutely necessary. You might not think too much about proper hosiery care with some of the more inexpensive pairs of tights and stockings, but if you plan on buying high quality and more expensive hosiery items, you’ll want to learn how to handle, clean and store them so that money doesn’t drain away like water through a sheer pair of stockings.

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Wearing Your Hosiery

Tights and stockings are undeniably delicate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your hosiery every day; it simply means that you’ve got to be careful of how you handle your items. One great habit to adopt is wearing gloves while you’re slipping your stockings and other hosiery items on and off. You might forget that you’ve got a ring or a broken nail until you pull on your stockings. 
Cotton, satin and other soft materials will work best when wearing gloves.

When putting on hosiery, try not to pull on the fabric as best you can since doing so can stretch them out of their natural shape. Instead, you’ll want to bunch them up until you get to the toe and slip them on and make sure the seam is in line before slowly pulling them up your legs. If you want to adjust them when you have them on, unroll them down to your knees before adjusting them.

As you’re taking your stockings off, roll them down at the tops without pulling at them unnecessarily. Since your hosiery will more than likely start to wear and tear at the undersides of your feet, you’ll want to start wearing slippers while you’re inside rather than shoes that might rub away at the underside of your foot. You’ll also want to make sure that your toenails are well trimmed so that they don’t snag on your stockings.

Washing Your Hosiery

You can handle your hosiery with the utmost care and still ruin them with one improper washing. Don’t think that your stockings are cheap because they’re full of pulls, it could be that you just aren't washing them correctly.
It’s best that you wash tights by hand rather than toss them in the washing machine and start the delicate cycle. If you do decide to put hosiery in the washer, make sure that you put your items in a special lingerie bag to keep the buttons, zippers and hooks on your other clothing items from snagging. 

Once you've washed your hosiery, don’t wring them out to dry them. Doing so will stress the fabric. You’ll want to gently squeeze them instead and let the air do the rest. The fabric is so sheer that they’ll be dry in no time. You should also avoid tumble drying hosiery at all costs to keep from damaging the elastic or silicone top hold-ups. 

Even the least expensive hosiery can last you for a while as long as you know how to take care of it. Take good care of your hosiery items and they’re sure to take good care of you!   

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