Ducks 'n a Row: How To Clean Crayon Off Almost Everything

30 January 2014

How To Clean Crayon Off Almost Everything

Crayon marks can show up in the strangest places. All you need is a crayon, a preschooler and to turn your back for one moment! 
clean crayon off of everything by Ducks 'n a Row

It all started with a cute book that my preschoolers were making for our upcoming Open House. We studied "M is for Me" and the book was appropriately named "All About Me." The students colored self-portraits upon which I would glue their own photo. Adorable! 

My back was turned for just a moment. When I turned around, it was too late. I turned to see an enthusiastic colorer... very enthusiastic...coloring right off her paper and onto the table. A table that we did not own! We rent space in a church for our classrooms. Borrowed tables should not be returned with crayon all over them, that is for sure!

Soon as my little ones were safely on their way home, I returned to the "scene of the crime." First, I used a scrubby with our own DIY cleanser. Nothing. The artwork remained. Then I tried hand sanitizer--I was desperate. Still, nothing. So I pulled out the Expo white board cleaner, a precious commodity to be used sparingly. I saturated the tabletop with Expo and to my glee, it worked! The fumes were a bit strong but, thankfully, there was plenty of time for that to clear before anyone would be near the table again. I made a mental note: never use that much in a closed room with children. 
how to clean crayon off of everything by Ducks 'n a Row

So what do people do when their children, armed with crayons, go to town on their stuff? I looked into it further.
shaving cream cleans crayon off desks and tables by Ducks 'n a Row

Shaving Cream: remembering what my teacher-friends said years before, shaving cream is the cleanser of choice. Marked up desktops have been successfully cleaned for years by using shaving cream and a scrubby sponge. It works on all sorts of markings -- ink, pencil, crayons. It leaves a nice shine, as well. Had there been some on hand, that is what I would have used.

Interestingly, teachers say that the CHEAPER the brand of shaving cream, the better it seems to work. So, why not include it in your lesson plan! Cover the desk with shaving cream and let your kids have fun. Write in it. Draw in it. Then, when it's time to move to the next activity, wipe the shaving cream off the desk using a sponge or scrubby. Follow up with Windex and a towel. The desks will be cleaner than clean. Better than new! Even glue and tape comes off.

But what about getting crayon off other surfaces?

Fabric: dip a cloth in white vinegar and rub the crayoned area lightly before washing.

Walls: use baking soda and water made into a paste and lightly scrub.  Other remedies include rubbing mayonnaise on the stained area, spraying on WD40, applying non-gel toothpaste using a toothbrush, and the old "eraser on a pencil trick" (simply erase the marks!)

Glass: if the crayon is on glass there are several well-thought-of methods. You can use dishwashing liquid, stronger cleansers like Greased Lightning or Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.

How about you? Do you have any home-remedies for stray crayon that got away from a young artiste?

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Photo Credits:
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