Ducks 'n a Row: My New Dollar Tree Preschool Supplies Caddy

13 January 2014

My New Dollar Tree Preschool Supplies Caddy

By Sinea Pies

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I thank God for my new teaching job. There are 11 sweet preschoolers in my class. I teach them just one day a week, leaving me fresh and energetic. Since I only teach one day a week, I have much planning time and come to work well prepared.  In fact, I am often over-prepared, which is a strong place to be. If an activity is completed too fast, there is something more in the wings that we can do. 

And I have Katie, my awesome assistant.  She anticipates our every need and has the next activity ready for us. This wonderful job fills my love for teaching children and my addiction to school/office supplies. This job is so perfect, it has to be from Him. 

School supplies addiction? OK, I admit it. I've always loved new pens, pencils, notebooks, name it. Now I can add velcro (my new best friend, second only to my new laminator!) glue sticks, poster tack, crayons, dot markers and on and on.

OUR SCHOOL: The unusual-ness of my teaching job is compounded by it being a "classroom on wheels". More exactly: a classroom in a car! That's because we don't have our own building.

All grades, PreK - 12, meet just one day per week.  We rent classroom space from two churches on Tuesdays. There are 212  students. The rest of the week our students are home-schooled. That's why my students are so fresh and ready to go when I see them. No time for it to get old.  We meet just 28 days a year. But there is a tiny drawback. No building to call our own means we cart all of our classroom materials back and forth each week!

BACK TO THE CAR:  I keep most of my classroom supplies in my car. The rest is in my kitchen - "office" - where I put together lesson plans, write skits (we end our day with a puppet skit), prepare crafts, etc. 

THE CADDY: So, you can understand why I am so excited about this great organizing tool. I found this perfect plastic 3-compartment caddy at Dollar Tree! It comes in lime green, my favorite color, so that was a no-brainer. It is just perfect for toting the supplies that would normally be kept in a teacher's desk - if I had one! And, of course, it cost me just $1!

school supplies caddy, caddy, tote

What do you use for your craft / school supplies?
Got any great storage ideas? 

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