Ducks 'n a Row: New Year's Resolution - What To Do First

02 January 2014

New Year's Resolution - What To Do First

By Sinea Pies

Christmas wrappings are tossed, "bowl games" won or lost and the big-dinner leftovers are gone. Our minds now turn to "what's next?"  What is next? Indeed!  

My mind naturally goes to the changes that I would like to make. 
  • The clutter that naturally increases during the holidays gets to me. I want to de-clutter in a big way. 
  • The pants are fitting too snuggly for words so getting rid of some pounds is also upfront on my mind. 
  • Depending on the year, the inevitably squeaky budget gives me a yearning for the simplicity of a debt free life.  
So, what's first? My  daughter tells me that she and her husband are taking a year off from doing any home renovations. They seem to be redecorating something in their beautiful farmhouse all the time and they're tired. 
Me? "All of the above?" It should be but if I am going to succeed, maybe one thing at a time is a better approach.

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My question for you is "What is first on your New Year's to-do list?"
I'd love to know. In fact, let's take a little poll to find out where we all stand right now. Feel free to add your own answer, beyond what is offered, and even pour your heart out in the comments below.

To participate in a very quick survey...CLICK HERE ...  Your New Year's Resolution (or, "What I plan to do first, now that the holidays are over.") 

We'll share the results of the poll in a few days, after we have some significant feedback! Should be fun. Happy New Year!

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Photo Credit:
Photostock on Freedigital Photos

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