Ducks 'n a Row: Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas That'll Make You Both Happy

23 January 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas That'll Make You Both Happy

Valentine’s Day is all about love and cherishing the one that sits aside you, appreciating what you have and celebrating the time you have spent together. It is a special day during the year, one when you can do something for the two of you. We have searched and found several ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that will make you both happy.
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First of all, celebrating Valentine’s Day in a traditional way can be romantic, of course, but doing the same thing every year can become boring. It usually is all about finding the perfect location, deciding for the outfit, having dinner out or finding the regular Valentine's Day gift and that’s it. Well, this year we thought about slightly changing the rules in order to improve your relationship.

For instance, think about something you enjoy doing, and something that your partner might also enjoy. If you know he intends going to gym now that the Christmas holidays are over and work has started, you could push yourself a bit and buy two subscriptions to the local gym. This way, you will be doing something together. If you want to skip de Valentine’s Day dinner, you can actually go starting today. 

Many gyms actually have a special program prepared or even parties to celebrate the occasion. Sounds fun right?

spa day, spa products, candle, flowerIf sports is not really what you had in mind, a spa day could do the trick. Book a special day of massage, aromatherapy and treatment. Jacuzzi or Turkish could also be good options. The only rule is for you to enjoy it together. As Chinese culture would put it, nothing helps a relationship improve and develop than increasing your chi.

On the opposite pole of relaxing moments together, we have adrenaline rushes. Go for diving sessions, parachute jumps, snowboarding in a great winter destination or rafting. You will surely find something of your interest out of all the extreme sports currently existing.

Of course you can skip the single day celebration and go for a City break. In this case you might try to find more options than the well-known romantic destinations, such as Venice or Paris. 

tango, dancing, couple dancing, romance, travelMaking a list of the activities you would like to do together and subject the location to vote. Take advantage of the opportunity of travelling together, visiting and spending several special days on a foreign territory or, you could also go for exotic beaches in Bali, the Dominican Republic or the Maldives, if you wish for a quiet and peaceful time. Either location you choose, make sure to spoil each other. Do everything you want to do and avoid second guesses. It goes the same as What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

For the daring ones, be it in your home city or in a new one, you could try finding various Valentine’s Day events to attend together. Participate to competitions, win some awards for you too, or even get married for a day. Wow! Who knows, maybe this test-marriage will go somewhere and a ring might pop-out of the blue...

Last but not least, it is utmost necessary to mention that any of the above you choose, try to do it in the benefit of both of you. Don’t decide for yourself on something you know your partner will not enjoy. Work on some ideas and choose wisely!

Marius Ciocan + is the manager of GiftJoy, one of the brand new online gift shop targeting the Australian market. The 100% family run business is based locally in Melbourne, Australia. 

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