Ducks 'n a Row: Facebook - How Frustrated Are You?

14 February 2014

Facebook - How Frustrated Are You?

By Sinea Pies

Blogger ALERT: read to the end and find a way to BOOST your Facebook posts for FREE

Facebook frustrates me!

It does. I am one of many bloggers who has worked hard building up a healthy Facebook following only to have Facebook turn the tables on me.  In the beginning, I trusted that all my followers -- everyone who "liked" my page -- could see my Facebook posts every time they appeared. And, way back when, that was true. 

Now? Now it all depends on  you, my dear Facebook fans. If no one comments, likes or shares my posts, they are doomed to anonymity. These lonely posts are being seen by a teeny-tiny fraction of those who have liked my page! Ducks 'n a Row has over 1470 fans - and growing - but only 15 - 20 - 30 of you are allowed to see my posts. Facebook holds the rest back. "You have got to be kidding!" you say? No, I am not.

They did offer me an option. I could PAY them to boost my post so that you would see it. REALLY? I don't think so! What was so great about Facebook was that it was FREE. 

So, we set out to beat them at their game. Several of us entered into a pact to like, comment and share each other's posts a lot. We started an "interest group" and called it Just Ducky.  It's fun to be able to find their posts so easily and encourage I'm still glad we did it ... but I think Facebook is on to us. It doesn't seem to have improved the numbers at all. 

Next, I joined a video conference on Google+ (my new fave in social media, just so you know) concerning the new Facebook algorithm and how to work with it.  I enjoyed it so much. Crystal, Kelli and Holly shared much experience and know-how. It was great! I now understand things a little bit better, since listening to their conversation,  and was encouraged to hear that I wasn't the only one struggling. After listening to them, I even began to like Facebook again....kind of. (Resources: how to find these ladies listed below.)

That brings me to today. When I saw what Tammy Doiel has done on her new blog Ultimate Linky Party, I loved it! It was shear genius.  She is offering post-boosting opportunities on her Facebook link party. It is a way to "BOOST" a Facebook post without being forced to pay for it. 

What she did was to add a component to her Facebook party where you can share the link to a Facebook post that you want boosted, just as long as you PROMISE to boost at least two others at the party. Seems fair to me. I am committed to the cause so I boosted more than that.  To me, boosting a post is a loving gesture to help other bloggers who have found themselves caught in this Facebook web, too. ♥

May I say that I still love Facebook's format, though right now I am not liking their ways. If I had a zillion dollars, I might even pay to boost posts. I do not begrudge them an income but we didn't know that this was where they were headed when we first zealously built our following. I feel cheated and I'll bet you do, too.
So, let's try an experiment!

Taking Tammy's lead, this Friday evening (10:30 pm EST) a new 
BOOST YOUR FACEBOOK POST PARTY goes live on Ducks 'n a Row.
It will stay live for one week.
Come and share the Facebook post(s) that you want boosted. (Limit: 2 posts per party)
Be SURE to boost at least the two others (per post) above yours by liking, commenting and/or even sharing. 
The more, the better. We're trying to boost everyone's posts HIGH!!!
NOTE: Facebook ranks likes lower, comments a bit higher, shares highest.
Hopefully the posts we boost will be seen by many more of your fans than you've been experiencing of late. Let's see what happens! 
Come back and tell us what you're experiencing. 
Happy blogging!


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Photo credit:
"Free" by Stuart Miles on Freedigitalphotos
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