Ducks 'n a Row: Family Game Night Fun - Three Games In One!

14 March 2014

Family Game Night Fun - Three Games In One!

By Sinea Pies

When I learned that I was going to do a guest post on one of my favorite blogs, 3 Boys And A Dog by Kelli Miller, I was so excited. She is running a series of Family Game Night posts from various bloggers and I am one of them. Yipee!

puzzles, trivia, treasure hunt game for the whole family

My game started out to be a scavenger hunt. As I got into it, I tailored it for what I think would work best for my own family. It is a treasure hunt and more. 

We have many ages, interests and styles in our group. It needed to be something that preschoolers, school age children, teens and adults can all enjoy. Given that we have pets, I suppose there might be a way to even get them involved, perhaps just chasing the rest of us around as we hunt for clues.  

So I invented a game that combines a hunt (using plastic fillable eggs with clues inside), trivia questions, speed puzzle-making and food. Of course, food! The more I think about it, it would go well with a big pot of chili or lots of snack foods like we do for football parties. 

So, stop on over and check it out:  Treasure Hunt Game Fun For All Ages
                      While you are there, leave Kelli a nice comment!

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So, have you ever had a Family Game Night? 
What kind of games do you play? 

Photo credits: Flickr Creative Commons
  • Little hand & puzzle by eelke dekker 
  • Kitten puzzle by plasticrevolver
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