Ducks 'n a Row: My Sinus Pain Story

18 March 2014

My Sinus Pain Story

By Sinea Pies

sinus pain, sinus headache, #SUDAFEDREPLAY

"Sinuses got you down?" That's the question that was posed to me when I accepted the offer to write my sinus story. Thankfully, it has been a long while since I've had sinus troubles but oh, did I!  The three photos above were me: pressure in the nasal area, gripping headache and even a sick feeling in my stomach. Have you ever had sinus trouble? It drove me to the sofa - I just had to go lie down. When you are feeling like that, relief is all you can think about. Even the happiest of occasions is dim when you are hurting.

Over the years, it did interfere with my obligations. Whether it was a birthday party or commitment at church or, sometimes, even my job.  As a Christian, you know that I believe that Jesus is the Healer. I prayed, every time. And sometimes it worked immediately. Hallelujah! Other times, I did not see relief. When I didn't, I took something just to try to get by till is subsided.

I remember when I was the director of our school. That job comes with non-stop responsibility. No coasting. I did go to work, even with the worse of headaches.  At those times, though,  they didn't get the best out of me. The pain was so intense. 

Back then, the medications were not combined. My solution was a decongestant plus a separate pain killer. I would take them together and it helped a bit. 

What about you? Do you ever suffer from sinus pressure or headaches?

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Photo collage photos from Freedigital Photos Dot Net
  • Woman With Sinus Pain by Michal Marcol
  • Woman On Sofa by Marin
  • Man With Headache by winnond
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