Ducks 'n a Row: Prom? It's All About The Dress!

06 March 2014

Prom? It's All About The Dress!

By Sinea Pies

Raising a teenage girl does not have to be all I've been told...but in my experience, drama will find you! 

I loved the adventure of raising Shannon through and through, though sometimes I wasn't sure that I was going to make it! Let's just say that life was anything but boring! We had (and still have) long, long talks...often while I was cooking. She said to me recently, "I never understood why you cooked with your Bible open! Now that I have kids of my own, I totally get it." 

Hey, I never knew what she was going to say! You have to find a way to stay level. Not knowing what was going to come next, it was important that I not over-react. Listening is an important parenting skill and you need to keep the door of communication open. So, I'd sneak a peek at an important reminder and it gave me peace as she downloaded all of her emotions, questions and what-ifs. It was a precious - and pressured - time!

When I was asked to write this post about prom dresses, (yes, this is a sponsored post), it brought back so many memories. 

First know that it is is all about the dress. Let's say that again: THE PROM IS ALL ABOUT THE DRESS! Why do you think that these days a date is not necessary? Groups of girls go and have fun in knock-out dresses with all the trimmings. Guys don't get it--seems like a date should be an important component. While that is nice, it really is the dress, the dress, The Dress!

Both of Shannon's  prom dresses were very pretty. I found this old photo that we took of her just before her date, Steve (now her husband),  arrived.  Her dress for this particular prom was a shimmery satin mauve. Very classy. In the '80's prom dresses often came with ruffles but Shannon wasn't a ruffly girl. This fit her personality perfectly - along with her pretty Farah Fawcett hair. 

I have to tell you, though,  this prom came with drama! We call it the "Softball Incident." 

Shannon had been at softball practice when we got the call. She was hit in the face with a ball and it BROKE HER NOSE. Broken noses are bad enough but this one delivered two very black eyes along with it! The prom was only a few days away. At that time, I was a representative for a popular skin care line and had a pallet of make up in my arsenal. It took work but we were able to disguise those black eyes and she went to the prom looking just beautiful. 

I think prom dresses have become prettier and prettier as the years have gone by. The selection is diverse and young ladies can easily find just the right one for their body type. And there is ease of access, too. You can even shop and buy online! 
navy blue prom dress, evening wear

When I was asked to write this, I went to the JenJenHouse website to check it out. As I looked through the plethora of gorgeous prom dresses, I could just imagine girls at a slumber party, or a mother & daughter curled up on the couch, surfing through the pictures. Better than a fashion magazine! 

Not only are there a variety of choices but you can select your own color and fabric, too. How great is that! The prices seem very reasonable to me, as evening wear goes, and they have their own "sale rack" right on the site. 

Here are three of my many favorites:

beautiful prom dresses

Which ones do you like? 

If JenJenHouse had been available "way back when" Shannon and I would have had a ball looking and looking some more. The next crop of fashionistas in our family won't be ready for the prom for another 8 or more years, however I do have a mother-of-the-groom opportunity coming up in the near future.  I will be back to see if JenJenHouse has the dress of my dreams! 

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