Ducks 'n a Row: Your Vacuum Cleaner Needs Cleaned, Too!

20 March 2014

Your Vacuum Cleaner Needs Cleaned, Too!

 Guest post by July Minor

The vacuum cleaner – the precious tool so desperately needed in every household. This is an indispensable  machine that does wonders whenever the garbage appears around us.  Nowadays, we are so used to having it in our homes that we rarely stop and think about for a second what we actually will do without this miracle of the century. If it sounds too pretentious for you just wait until something happens with the vacuum cleaner and you will soon realize that you are about to have more work that you are able to do.

Apart from your home this machine also requires some cleaning so that it could work properly and without problems. It is not necessary to do this constantly, however from time to time you have to make  sure that the vacuum cleaner is in good condition.  There are some rules which should be followed  and after that you can enjoy your cleaning hours without any disturbance.

Pay attention that before taking the first steps you are obliged to check that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged !

1. Every vacuum cleaner contains a dirt bag or container which should be regularly cleaned, as all the debris are found there.  You can have either a bagged or a bagless vacuum cleaner ,however in any case it is better to take the container outside your home and carefully change it. If you are not familiar with this procedure then use the manual and read the instructions. According to the type of container  it is possible that you can wash it with some water but that is individual.  After replacing the dirt bag make sure that you had put the new one in the right way, because if it is not well fixed you can experience real problems with your vacuum machine

2. The next step concerns the filters of the vacuum cleaner which also need to be cleaned . They can be single or multiple and must be in good condition because they serve to segregate the dust and dirt. Again, you should read in the manual if it's better just to clean the filters or if they need to be replaced . You can wash the filter with a soap, using an appropriate object to clean it thoroughly. After finishing with this pay attention not to leave the filters wet because that will damage your vacuum cleaner.

3. Another part that needs cleaning is connected with the attachments of the vacuum cleaner. You can wash any part that can be removed but just in case- read the instructions again. The attachments must be replaced when they are absolutely dry. Please do not try to wet the parts of the machine that are permanently attached.

4. The last thing to do is check out the vacuum brush. It also requires a special type of cleaning, as any parts or dirt should be removed. The vacuum brush is found on the lower part  of the machine so put it in the place that will be comfortable for you to clean it better. If it is necessary take the appropriate instruments to remove the parts entangled to the brush.

Never try to vacuum larger objects, or those with a sharper form as they can really block the mechanism of your vacuum cleaner. It is essential to do this regularly because no matter what we think, we are so lost without this unique machine.

These are the basic steps which will help you to give your vacuum cleaner the needed care.

 Do you clean your vacuum cleaner?

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Author Bio: July Minor is passionate blogger, cleaner and cooker. She works for an end of tenancy cleaning agency which operates in London and she is very proud do be the manager of the company.

Photos from Flickr Creative Commons:

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