Ducks 'n a Row: E is for Elephant Preschool Game

07 April 2014

E is for Elephant Preschool Game

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Best day ever! Not long ago, I shared the story of our wonderful E is for Elephant day at preschool. The craft was a particularly sweet time. My small group of girls (several children were out sick) chattered, sang and shared with their friends as we created our Elmer the Patchwork Elephant craft. 

THE BOARD GAME: The whole day pretty much became an "Elmer" day as we opened up with a fun activity that re-enforced the Elephant Theme. It was a game that included number recognition and color recognition as we moved our game pieces along, filling our "Elmers" with colored paper squares.  

It is a board game, which I found online. Do you think I could find it now? I have searched everywhere. If anyone does find the original source, let me know. I want to give them the credit.

Anyhow, I had to make a few adjustments by using playing cards instead of numbered die (which I would prefer - I just didn't have any) and sparkly pom-poms instead of plastic playing pieces.

FREE Printables:

  • Game Board (laminated for durability)
  • Elmer pages with numbered squares
  • Colored Squares (cut out)
  • Game Pieces (pom-poms work well)
  • Numbered Dice or Numbered Cards
Each group of players will need one Elmer numbered page per person, one game board for 2-4 players, dice (or cards) up to the number 5, one game piece per person)

Draw cards or roll die to determine who goes first. Highest number wins. 
Take turn going clockwise. 
As you land on a color on the board, select that color from the pile of colored squares and put it on your own numbered Elmer. Whoever's elephant is filled up first, wins!

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