Ducks 'n a Row: Glass Splashbacks: Turning an Ordinary Kitchen into an Unique One

16 April 2014

Glass Splashbacks: Turning an Ordinary Kitchen into an Unique One

A kitchen is the hard-working heart of almost any home. It’s subjected to a barrage of heat, steam and all manner of spills during its lifetime.

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For that reason, most homeowners use tiles or stainless steel splashbacks to protect the paint and plasterwork around the most heavily used areas; the oven hob and sink, from stains, surface damage and dreaded mould.

Although they’re undoubtedly a kitchen necessity, it doesn’t mean that you have to be like ‘most homeowners’ and live with a kitchen that’s just like all the rest, when a simple change of splashback can transform yours into something totally unique.

Whether you want to revamp your entire kitchen or just revitalise an existing one, then a fresh, modern, distinctive look can be achieved by installing a glass splashback.

Here’s everything you need to know about how they’re turning something essentially functional into something utterly fabulous.
  • They give you a smooth wall covering which is more hygienic than paint or tiles and is far easier to clean; no more scrubbing or wasting money on grease-busting, grout-cleaning products that never work quite as well as they promise.
  • Glass is timeless and because they are toughened for safety, heat resistance and durability, you can be sure that it won’t fade, chip, stain or warp, and will stay in pristine condition for as long as you decide to keep it.
  • Unlike tiles, the sleek appearance of a glass splashback is not broken by lines of grout, which tricks the eye into making a kitchen appear more spacious than it really is.
  • Glass reflects light, so installing one will instantly brighten a dull room and contribute to a feeling of space.
  • It can be cut to size so it fits seamlessly around your worktops, sockets and cupboards.
  • Although it is there to be functional, the reflective properties of glass make this a really elegant feature. Its smooth, shiny surface mirrors the colour and movement of people and things within a kitchen, and its effects can be highlighted with LED lighting.
  • Glass is so versatile that the colour of your splashback can be tailored to suit your existing kitchen and your personal taste. Any shade in the RAL colour range is available, which means that you can give your kitchen a new lease of life without having to redecorate or change any of your fixtures.
  • For a truly unique look that cannot be replicated in any other kitchen, Bespoke glass splashbacks can be personalised with images or high resolution photographs of your choice.
  • No matter which style, size or colour you choose to install in your kitchen, a glass splashback makes a statement; it shows you value design and modernity and with a limitless supply of Bespoke options available, how bold or subtle that statement is, is totally up to you.
Now you know how a deceptively simple glass splashback can transform your kitchen into something truly unique, contact the experts at LWK Kitchens who can offer you great advice, Bespoke designs and a skilled fitting service.
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