Ducks 'n a Row: The Ultimate Entryway Makeover List: 9 Enhancements For A Grand Entrance

24 April 2014

The Ultimate Entryway Makeover List: 9 Enhancements For A Grand Entrance

Home owners know that entryways can be one of the most influential elements of home as they are the first area people see upon entering and yet; this space is often the most overlooked because they can be small, poorly lit, cluttered hallways that are easy to ignore. But it’s a good rule of thumb to recognize that every inch of home space can be made into useful and appealing living additions. Here is the ultimate entryway makeover list, sure to enhance that grim space for a grand entrance. With a little help from your home improvement contractors, you’ll have a great space in no time.
foyers and entryways are the first impression of a home #decor Ducks 'n a Row

1. Add Some Color
A splash of color on the wall can completely redefine the way a space looks and feels. Color has a proven influence on mood and feeling. For example, red increases a room’s energy level while blue encourages calm and relaxing states. If you’re looking to draw even more attention, add a patterned accent wall.
2. Light it Up
Illuminating an entryway that is otherwise dark and gloomy can transform the space into a more inviting, noticeable and useful area. Add a light fixture or replace the one you have with a higher wattage and decorative chandelier to shed a little light and welcome guests and family when they enter and exit your home.
3. Create Trendy Storage
Because your entryway is the first area entered into and the last area passed before leaving, it commonly collects such accessories as boots and shoes, jackets, hats, umbrellas and anything else needing dropped off while coming in or heading out. Create trendy storage by installing shelves or wall cubes, adding a bench with built in shoe rack and hanging jacket hooks. The space will transform into useful and appealing nook that’s more inviting and less cluttered to those coming and going.
4. Exhibit a Door Enhancement
A fantastic front door can work from the inside out to add value to the exterior of your home and interior entryway. For a custom approach, contact your home improvement contractor to install an exterior door that will undoubtedly improve the ins and outs of your entryway.
5. Expand your Entryway
There are a couple tricks to keep in mind if you’re trying to make the appearance of your small entryway seem larger. First, hang a mirror or create a display using several mirrors. They reflect space and enhance the appearance of a larger square footage. Next, keep wall color light. Darker shades tend to enclose spaces while lighter shaded will open them up. Lastly, contact your home improvement contractors to provide replacement window service or install a window that doesn’t yet exist. The gateway to the outdoors will provide natural light and help to open up the small space.
6. Convert to an Office Nook
For entryways with a little more space, make way for a small secretary and chair. Add a decorative wall calendar, hanging file storage and a cork board and you've got yourself the perfect area to sort mail, pay bills, draft shopping lists, cut and save coupons or organize the paperwork that normally gets lost in your home’s daily shuffle.
7. Develop a Display
Nothing leaves a lingering impression like art or photo displays. Let some of your home’s wall décor spill into the entryway to create a more welcoming environment that encourages a second glance and exudes your personal style. Framed photo collages, interesting graphics or unique pieces of art are sure to do the trick.
8. Configure a Focal Point
Add an element that will create a center focus for the space like a vintage inspired chest of drawers that can double as storage and sits on long legs for accessible additional underneath storage space.
9. Keep it Fresh
Adding indoor plants to an entryway will freshen up the space and invite positive, friendly and welcoming energy. They also make for great décor that doesn’t contribute to clutter or clash with color schemes.
This ultimate entryway makeover list will not only transform your space into a functional, organized and trendy area for your home but is achievable for individuals on a budget. Add a splash of color, a hint of light, some interesting yet useful décor and a fresh element and you’ve got yourself the kind of entryway that makes a statement. For exterior doors and replacement window instillation, contact your home improvement contractor.
Mark Watson takes a client-centered approach to operating Exterior Medics. His passion is providing homeowners with top-notch customer service, quality products, and superior remodeling experience. You can read more of Mark's home improvement advice at

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