Ducks 'n a Row: You Will Never Feel Hot or Cold When You Sleep on Silk Sheets

10 April 2014

You Will Never Feel Hot or Cold When You Sleep on Silk Sheets

Silk is a fine shiny fibers thread produced by silkworms in their cocoons. It is the strongest natural fiber that is made of unique proteins identical to that of human hair. The tradition of silk spinning has been in existence for hundreds of centuries though currently more advanced and sophisticated. Though it was a famous fabric in the past, its popularity diminished in the midst of other fabrics but is slowly picking up.
Silk sheets for a good night's sleep!

There is a variety of silk being produced right now, but the mulberry which is more round, smoother and lighter is the best caliber of the silk one can ever buy. Silk can be put into a myriad of uses with the main one being incorporated into bedding and clothes.

Everybody needs that perfect good night rest. This is where silk sheets come in handy. Irrespective of the season or climatic conditions one is under, the sophisticated nature of silk fabric will give you that much needed warm, comfortable sleep.

What makes silk sheets the best for your sleep in all temperature conditions? Though cotton has been used in 90% of bedding materials for years, silk has multiple properties that set it up above the rest of fabrics used for a similar purpose. Some of these properties play a direct role in regulating temperatures, keeping perspiration in check just to name a few.

Silk sheets -- lovely and so nice to sleep on! Good night's sleep!

a. Thermal insulation
Silk fibers naturally have very minimal heat conductivity and therefore, act as good insulators against heat loss. Unlike cotton or wool whose fibers are short, single silk strand can even be a mile long. This enables strands to be woven into finer non-fuzzy sheets that limit spaces between threads. This helps keep the body heat within the sheet in a cold night. And since most silk sheets are light, it caters for dissipation of excess heat in case of a hot night. Silk sheet therefore does a double duty of insulating you against cold or keeps you cool when it is hot.

b. Moderate absorbency
Unlike cotton which has the property of absorbing massive amounts of moisture, in this case perspiration, silk sheets are moderate absorbers. On a hot night one sweats a lot and if all this is absorbed, the body may at first assume cooling effect. This will be reversed shortly just in time when the body is dehydrated leading to discomfort and cold condition. Silk sheets come in handy since they absorb moderately without tipping the moisture levels. Silk sheets remain non-clingy after absorbing perspiration.

c. Light in nature
Silk sheets are suitable under both conditions of the night. A single light sheet can either shield you from the cold or keep your body cooler in case of hot conditions. This can be further attributed to both their absorbency and insulating properties. One can always sleep well under cold conditions without the need for a heavy blanket since you can wrap yourself with it and won’t be overwhelmed or suffocate as in cases of heavy cotton sheets.

d. Keeps off allergies
Silk fabrics are purely natural, have no scent and are non-allergenic in nature. Throughout the process of their production they are never exposed to chemicals. This means chances of the skin encountering chemical components that could trigger irritation or adverse allergic response is null. Furthermore, the fibers keep off allergens such as bed bugs and dust mites.

When these allergens or chemicals come into contact with the skin it triggers allergic reactions that have a role in fever onset and elevation of perspiration levels while sleeping. This ultimately affects one’s sleep as the body temperature rises.

These are just some of the properties of silk fabric that makes it a suitable companion for a good night sleep irrespective of the thermal conditions. Silk has been around since the ancient times and is just not celebrated for its unique features but also its prestige. During that time, such fabric was a preserve of the few royals and high caliber families because it was costly and aesthetic. Some believe it has anti-aging property that reverses wrinkles and fine lines; that probably is as a result of a comfortable sleep on silk sheets. If you have not slept on one, better purchase it and try it out!

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