Ducks 'n a Row: 5 Bathroom Design Essentials

24 May 2014

5 Bathroom Design Essentials

Whether it's your first house/apartment or if you've just decided to renovate your current bathroom space, there are a number of bathroom design essentials that should be incorporated into any bathroom design. The following is our version of what we think are five bathroom design essentials.

1.   Proper lighting

People can't spend enough time and money when it comes to lighting design in the living room and kitchen, but a lot of home owners forget about the bathroom and do not put much as much thought into this room. The bathroom is a room that you'll spend a lot of time in so it is worth putting that little bit of extra thought into this room, it is after all the room that you'll spend the first and last minutes of your day in. Proper lighting in a bathroom is essential, and not just overhead lights, light fixtures for the mirror and shower areas should also be considered.

2.   Good mirrors

Mirrors are one of the primary accessories that everyone must think about when designing a bathroom. When placed in the proper settings, the right mirrors can change the entire look of a bathroom. Think about what you need your bathroom mirrors for and get ones that successfully fulfill your requirements.

3. Sufficient storage space

Many people struggle with having a sufficient amount of storage space in a bathroom, whether they have a big bathroom or a small one to decorate. 
Storage space for bathrooms #towels #bathroom Ducks 'n a Row

Vanity units are a great addition to any bathroom as they provide a great deal of extra space, they do however need to fit into the existing sink unit and the overall look of the room. Shelving, a towel rack and wall cabinets should also be given some thought.

4.   Good window treatment

The best bathroom window treatments are those that appear lavish without affecting the functionality and maintenance of the windows. The window treatment that you choose to go for should be designed to suit the windows while blending in with the rest of the decor that you've got planned for the bathroom. There are a huge range of window treatments available, most of which come in numerous color schemes and various patterns.

5.   Adequate ventilation

The ventilation system of a bathroom usually consists of a fan that is mounted to the ceiling. The function of this fan is to pull humid and hot air out through a duct that leads to the soffit or directly into a roof vent. When it comes to bathroom design, ventilation does play an extremely important role. Ventilation is so much more than just installing a fan, it is all about getting the proper airflow into the room which will prevent unwanted mildew and mold growth.

The bathroom is very often the last room to be designed in a house, and is therefore not given as much attention as it should receive. When it comes to designing your bathroom, remember that it's a room that will be in constant use and an area of the house that could make a huge impact on your visiting guests.

Elaine O 'Hara is an avid blogger and interior design enthusiast. This article was written on behalf of Liffey Bathrooms; Dublin's premier bathroom installers.

Photo credits:
Bathroom by Pepo on freeimages 
Multicolored towels by Sirikul on freedigital photos 
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