Ducks 'n a Row: 5 Dorm Room Decorating Tips

30 May 2014

5 Dorm Room Decorating Tips

To maximize the small space of a dorm room and create a welcoming environment, it is important to learn some great decorating tips. When a teenager heads off to college, the dorm becomes home away from home. To make the space more cozy and maximize the space in the small area, there are a few things to consider. Here are five tips that will help decorate a dorm room.

Multi-functional Furniture
Since dorm rooms are often cramped, it is essential to find furniture that has different purposes. For example, a futon is a great piece that can be used as seating during the day and extra bedding at night. Also, a cubed bookcase could be used to divide the room and store books and other essentials. Some furniture manufacturers offer a bunk bed/desk combination. With the bed off the ground, there is adequate space to use for a full sized desk or more storage.

Coordinate Colors
Sometimes, college roommates know each other before starting school. When this is the situation, it is possible to choose a color scheme for the room that accommodates both personalities. Coordinating does not necessarily mean matching. For instance, a general color palette can be selected. This means nothing in the dorm room will clash.

Small and Safe Accessories
The best way to make a dorm room feel like home is to decorate it with cute accessories. Most teens will have pictures displayed in fancy frames or other collegiate memorabilia scattered around the space. Other great accessories for a dorm is flameless candles. These items are a great alternative to traditional candles. There is no smoke or risk of fire damage. Most LED flameless candles look like the real deal but run on batteries. They will create the same effect of real candles but in a safer package. Also, they will never burn away, so they can be used over and over.
Flameless candles #candles
Flameless Candles - safe and attractive!

Include Memories
Many teens will not admit being homesick, but sad feelings often creep up from time to time. To ease these emotions, a dorm room should always include small pieces of home. Whether a person brings a stuffed animal that is kept on the bed, a special lamp that once stood on the nightstand from home, or pictures of friends and family, all of these items will bring some comfort during blue times. With technology available today, thousands of photos can rotate in a single digital picture frame serving as a constant reminder of precious memories.

Keep The Walls Dressed Up
Although it is usually not allowed to paint a dorm room's walls, there are other ways to make the room appear brighter. There are various wall decals available in multiple designs and sizes to add some pizzazz to the space. Pretty flower decals will add a bit of whimsy and charm. There are other decals that act as white boards and can be used to post reminders or other notes. The best part of decals is that they are easily removed and leave no residue behind.

Kerra Eroh enjoys interior decorating and loves to pass on tips that help people make the most of small spaces.

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