Ducks 'n a Row: Boost Your FACEBOOK Post Party

30 May 2014

Boost Your FACEBOOK Post Party

Welcome to the BOOST YOUR POST party where we help 
Facebook lovers reconnect with their FANS!

We definitely want our own fans to see our posts - that's what this party is about - but there is another side of this coin. How about us seeing the posts of pages WE have liked? I just became aware of what we all should do to make sure we get to see our favorite blogs' Facebook posts in our own news feeds. 
If all of our fans would do this, we'd have lots of visibility! It is so simple, who knew? 
Click here for HOW:  Keep Them In Your News Feed  

Now, let's do some serious BOOSTING!
For simple guidelines on how to find your FACEBOOK POST URL ...

This party has three steps.
1. Add your FACEBOOK URL to our list and gain new fans.
2. Link your Facebook POSTS to be boosted. Max: 2
3. TWEET this party and spread the news!

Meet our co-host:  Crystelle

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