Ducks 'n a Row: Keep Ducks 'n a Row In Your Facebook News Feed

29 May 2014

Keep Ducks 'n a Row In Your Facebook News Feed

Do you LIKE my Facebook Page?
If you are one of my Facebook fans, then you probably do and expect to see my posts in your Facebook news-feed when they come out, right? Sadly, that probably will NOT be the case.

Facebook has changed their ways.  For the benefit of Facebook users, they are now protecting you from being overwhelmed by tons of new material minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Too many posts can push the ones you want to see way down the page so quickly that you will never see them.  

Conversely, though, you may never see posts you really want to see just because you are the silent-type. Facebook has decided that you should only get to see posts from people and pages that you enjoy enough to interact with. If you regularly like, comment and share a page, they know you'll want to see it again. That page gets in your queue.  If you never respond yet you are really enjoying it, be prepared for it to disappear.  You will then have to go LOOKING for won't come to you.

Why am I saying all this? Well, if you do like my page -Ducks 'n a Row- and want to get my posts in your Facebook news feed, please go to my page right now and interact with a few of the posts (i.e. like, comment and/or share) so that you will see me again! (When you do see a post, remember to keep up the good work and acknowledge it with a like etc. to keep it alive.)

Much love,

Not a fan yet? You can be. 
Like my Facebook Page here: DUCKS 'N A ROW

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