Ducks 'n a Row: Pet Hair - Tips for Dog Owners On How To Keep Your House Clean

08 May 2014

Pet Hair - Tips for Dog Owners On How To Keep Your House Clean

By Sinea Pies
Pet hair? Tips for dog owners on how to keep your house clean! #cleaning Ducks 'n a Row

Shedding pet fur is such a nuisance. It sticks to everything: clothes, carpets, furniture. It can seem like an unending process to keep it cleaned up.
So, what's the solution? Not have a dog? What are you kidding? No dog-lover will ever agree to that!

Life without a dog, to a dog-lover, is:
  • No one to greet you at the door with a wagging tail and big "smile" on his face
  • No one to follow you eagerly from room to room, wanting to play. (He wins!)
  • No one to beg for treats. (He wins!)
  • No one to want a walk when you are too tired. (He wins?)
  • No one to ask for a ride in the car when you just want to sit down and do nothing. (He wins!)
  • No furry-someone to cuddle with on the couch while you're reading a good book? (You both win.)

Sweet little lab puppy #labradorretriever #puppy #dog Ducks 'n a Row

Who can resist this sweet little face?

No, there HAS to be another answer to the pet hair problem.
Surprisingly, it isn't always the long-haired breeds that produce the most. Some of the short haired dogs, such as Labrador Retrievers, have two coats. An outer and an inner coat. This serves as insulation from extreme heat and cold. However, as the seasons shift, the lower coat also does...all over your house.

Shedding is an important part of the natural process for dogs and cats, too. Dogs, especially, can produce enough excess fur that you'd think you could build a whole 'nother dog from it. Really! Shedding, especially for the shorter haired dogs, happens all of the time to a degree and in abundance at the change of the major season. Resource: Why Dogs Shed

Keep your dogs well groomed! #doggrooming #pethair Ducks 'n a Row
There are some methods and products that will help you control the unwanted pet hair in your house.
  • First, keep your dog groomed. Occasional shampooing (don't overdo it lest you dry out their skin) and frequent brushing, especially in shedding season, will help. Plus, your dog will love the attention. Resource: Caring for Your Dog's Coat
  • Tip: the Furminator (pictured below) is an excellent dog grooming tool. Gently removes fur before it sheds! Makes your dog's coat look so nice, too,
  • Next, stay on top of the project. If you let your house go for days, the build-up may seem insurmountable. It's not but it'll be a much bigger job.
  • Vacuum the house frequently. If there is a lot of fur on the carpets, or it is stubbornly sticking to the carpets, carpet powder does wonders.
  • Vacuum Tip: the Shark Liftaway Navigator Vacuum is the best I've ever used. Removes ALL pet hair with ease. Empties like a dream! Click here for my Shark Vacuum review.
  • Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator for carpets with "vacuum booster" is like a magnet. This by far is my #1 choice for getting up pet hair from carpet. Sprinkle it on. Wait up to 30 minutes. Vaccuum it up. The pet hair clings to the powder and pulls it all into the canister. It works great and does remove the pet smells as well.
Three tools that I have found to work well...not perfect, but pretty good, are:
  • Magik Lint Brush-- though created for clothes, this little tools works great on upholstered furniture in removing pet hair. Gets 99% off with ease (nothing's perfect!).
  • Pet Hair Sweeper -- the Pet Hair Sweeper does a very good job on sofas and other fabric-covered furniture. It is disposable but each one lasts quite a while. I've heard that some people have found a way to edge the fur out from inside and get more use out of it. That's up to you if you want to try it!
  • Libman Precision Angle Broom -- I had my angle broom for the floors in my house but, in desperation, decided to vigorously sweep the stairs and see what would happen. My stairs are navy blue and the white dog-fur from our yellow labs gets thick. Using back and forth strokes, the fur was literally "flying" off the stairs and onto the floor below. Then it was so easy to just vacuum it up!
  • A Clean, Damp Sponge -- yes, simply swipe a clean damp sponge across the surface of your sofa's and upholstered chairs to remove hair. If there is a lot of fur, bring along a pan of clean water to rinse and squeeze the sponge out.

Help other pet owners...

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So, how have you been taking care of your pet hair problems?

Dog grooming tool: the Furminator #dogs #dogrooming Ducks 'n a Row
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