Ducks 'n a Row: Baking Tips for Chocolate Chip Cookies

22 June 2014

Baking Tips for Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Sinea Pies

By now you know that I absolutely love to find simple solutions to everyday problems. Here are some tips I have learned when it comes to home-baked chocolate chip cookies!

Baking chocolate chip cookies is easy. Getting it to look like you want? A bit of a mystery. Friends of mine would make yummy chunky cookies that looked so delicious. Other friends would bake smooth, plump ones. When I'd ask for the recipe, it was identical. They were classic Toll House Cookies!  

So, what was the difference?  I discovered that it was all about how you place the dough on the cookie sheet, though my baking friends didn't even know it.

So, pick the style you like the best. Chunky or smooth. Here is how to get them to look the way you want them.

Chunky: spoon the dough onto the cookie sheet and they will come out chunky like the cookies on the left. 

Smooth: If you like them smooth then form a ball of dough in your hand, rolling it like a meatball. Put the balls of dough on the cookie sheet and, after they are baked, they will look like the cookies on the right.

Another little tip:  use shortening instead of butter to keep them a bit plumper. If you prefer the buttery taste, you can either do half shortening and half butter or all butter. With butter, though, they may look a little flatter.

Love these cookie baking tips?

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