Ducks 'n a Row: How To Organize A Dresser

19 June 2014

How To Organize A Dresser

By Sinea Pies
Organize your dresser drawers! #organize #dresser #cat #drawer Ducks 'n a Row

Make An Organizing Plan
Before you dig into this dresser drawer organizing project, consider your surroundings. Are you sharing your dresser with somebody else? If so, which drawers are closer to his side of the bed and which are closer to yours? Assign drawers accordingly.
Top: Fill the top drawers with items you use most often, such as socks and undergarments. Why reach to a bottom drawer more than you have to?
Middle: Drawers halfway down can hold tops that you frequently wear.
Bottom: Use lower drawers for items that are for special occasions and not everyday such as dressy tops and sweaters.

How To Organize A Dresser Step-By-Step
  • Make A Work Space: Use your bed as a work-space You'll want it to be flat so either make the bed or take the sheets and blankets off. Either way, you'll need a large space on which to put your belongings.
  • Move Your Clothes: Remove everything from each drawer and lay it out on the bed. Have a box on hand for clothes in that won't be sticking around. You can take it right to the car when you're finished, ready to donate to Good Will.
  • You also may find that some things need laundered, especially if they have acquired many wrinkles. Put them in a laundry basket or get them ready to go to the dry cleaners. Be sure to leave space for them to go back in the drawer afterward.
  • Label Your Drawers: Use sticky notes to temporarily label the drawers according to what they will now hold. Remove them soon as the job is done. Love labels? Try permanently labeling your drawers. It can look great when it's done right.
  • Fold And Put Away: Starting with the top drawers, fold the garments and put them away. Socks should be matched and either knotted together or folded inside one another to prevent them from separating. Fold sweaters and shirts so that they can be removed from the drawer without disturbing the other clothes. Store them side by side.
  • Tip: the key to neatness is in the fold. Check out this excellent video showing you just how to do it!

Tools: drawer dividers do help to keep your drawers organized.

Keep Like-Clothes Together: if socks and under garments will be sharing the same drawer, set up sections. One side will be socks and the other underwear. You may want to color-code them as well, keeping white athletic socks in one area, dark trouser socks in another, etc.

Shirts and sweaters can also be on different sides of the same drawer or in separate drawers.

Tip: if you live in a region with seasonal changes that require a different wardrobe, organize your dresser when it's time to move from winter to summer clothes, or vice versa.

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