Ducks 'n a Row: K is for Kangaroo - Preschool Fun!

16 June 2014

K is for Kangaroo - Preschool Fun!

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Letter K preschool lessons have so many possibilities: key, kite, king. The obvious first-choice though, in my opinion, is the ever-popular KANGAROO. These high-jumping creatures with their sweet faces are so fascinating, tickling the imaginations of youngsters of all ages. 

Our K is for Kangaroo day in preschool this year was so much fun. We did a kangaroo craft, had a kangaroo treasure-hunt and heard some kangaroo stories, too.

Kangaroo Craft
The craft pictured below is simple but targeted in its purpose: developing cutting skills. So many preschoolers enter kindergarten unable to use a pair of scissors. This problem is something I learned from an experienced Kindergarten teacher. Paula says it puts her class back at least 2 weeks until she can get everyone up to speed, if some of them come in unable to cut. So, one of my goals for my class was that by year-end they would be able to cut things with scissors well. We only have 28 classes per year (I teach home-schoolers just one day a week) So, perhaps 10-15 of my lessons require some cutting.
  • First, the students colored their kangaroo, joey and pouch.
  • Next, cutting cutting cutting.
  • Finally, glue-stick three edges of the pouch, leaving the top open.
  • After a minute or two, slip the little joey inside!
Tip: Print an extra copy or two of the template just in case of a cutting disaster! The student can start over again (with your help.)
K is for Kangaroo craft for preschoolers #kidsactivities #preschool Ducks 'n a Row

K is for Kangaroo craft template
Click here to print template

Fun gross motor activity: Kangaroo Treasure Hunt!
This game was loads of fun but next time I will find a better material from which to make the pouches. We used construction paper and they tore too easily as the children were hopping around.

Preschool Kangaroo Treasure Hunt

  • Students made their own pouch to wear like an apron.
  • Pre-cut the pockets -- to save time -- and have the children glue them on three sides.
  • Tie a string through a pre-punched hole on each side to be tied behind them.
  • Print and laminate lots of little cards with photos of joeys and the letter K.
K and Kangaroo CARDS to print for the GAME

How the Kangaroo Treasure Hunt is Played:
  • Hide the cards all over a large room.
  • Bring our "momma & daddy" kangaroos (the children) into the room to hop around and find cards (joeys and K's) which they will put in their pouch.  (You may want to coax them along cheering "hop hop hop, kangaroos!")
  • When everyone is done, have them count how many they collected.
About Kangaroos: Kangaroos are marsupials. Marsupials are native to Australia and some can be found in the Americas. The primary feature that they have in common is the pouch in which they carry their young. Baby kangaroos are called "Joeys."
Alphabetical List of Marsupials
Video: Baby Kangaroo Jumps in Pouch

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Photo Credit:
Red Kangaroo by Bill Longshaw on Freedigital Photos

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