Ducks 'n a Row: R is for Rainbow - Preschool Craft Fun!

08 June 2014

R is for Rainbow - Preschool Craft Fun!

By Sinea Pies

Rainbows lend themselves to so many neat ideas. You can bake them. You can craft them. You can discover them using science experiments. Rainbows are inspiring.
R is for Rainbow preschool activities #preschool #kidsactivities Ducks 'n a Row

For our Letter R week in preschool we enjoyed RAINBOWS 
in a variety of fun ways. 
  • We heard the story of Noah and the Ark where the very first rainbow appeared.
  • We used colored rice to create layered rainbows in cups.
  • We made a craft rainbow using Froot Loops cereal.
  • We created a rainbow using a prism and focused it on the wall. Make a rainbow!
  • We learned about what really makes a rainbow. 
Our craft allowed us to practice our sorting and color recognition skills along with using our fine motor skills. We took a template of a rainbow, sorted colorful fruit flavored cereal and glued the colors on using a cotton swab and Elmer's glue.
R is for Rainbow craft for preschool #preschool #kidscrafts #Fruitloops  Ducks 'n a Row

Adding a little challenge to the project, I took 1/2 egg cartons and glued a circle with each color inside the cups. Each child received a pile of cereal to sort into the cup with the right color in it. They did a great job and LOVED doing it--sorting is fun!
Egg carton sorter for Fruit Loops crafts #kidscrafts #FruitLoops #preschool Ducks 'n a Row

Rainbow template

Froot Loops dry cereal
Cotton balls
Elmer's glue
Cotton swabs (1 or 2 per child)
Small paper cups
Egg cartons cut in half

The small paper cups are for cereal and for glue. Give two cups to each child. Squirt about 1 T of glue in one cup and place a cotton swab in it. Fill the other cup with the dry cereal.

Using the egg cartons with colored pieces of paper to indicate what color goes in each place, have them sort those fruity cereal O's into the right places. Then, have them glue the cereal on each curve in whatever shade they would like it to be. It is helpful to have an example for them to see.
Using more glue, apply the cotton balls to the ends of the rainbow. Allow to dry. 

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