Ducks 'n a Row: Easy Microwave Recipes

03 July 2014

Easy Microwave Recipes

By Sinea Pies

As I was preparing my post "How To Clean A Microwave Till It Shines"it occurred to me that I don't make use of my microwave nearly as much as others do. A lot of cooking is going on in those microwaves out there! 
Easy microwave recipes! #microwave #cooking #recipes Ducks' n a Row

So, I went on a search for some great recipes that truly use the microwave for their primary cooking instrument. Many of us use ours to melt some butter or warm a sauce. I was looking for the real deal: microwave recipes! And I found some.

Microwave Spaghetti Squash w Tomato & Basil by Steamy Kitchen on Ducks 'n a Row #recipes #microwavecooking

As you know, cooking eggs in microwaves can make a BIG mess.
They explode! But there is a way to do it without destruction. Here is a great video teaching us how to hard cook an egg in the microwave with no such drama!

2 minute Video: 3 Easy Ways To Cook Eggs in the Microwave
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Cooking in Microwaves? Oh yes you can!

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