Ducks 'n a Row: Fun Summer Activities for Kids

12 July 2014

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

By Sinea Pies
Fun summer activities for kids #kidsactivities #summer Ducks 'n a Row

Summertime opens up whole new possibilities for fun with your children. It does not happen by itself (most of the time), though. You will have to plan activities to keep your little ones occupied and here are some great ideas to help you out. 

Have a backyard carnival, face painting and all! There are 12 great staycation ideas in this post to fill up your summer with inexpensive vacation fun.

Backyard carnival with face painting

Write on the Garage Door! Got a metal garage door? If you do, this activity will keep your kids busy and teach them something as well. Give them magnetic plastic letters and let 'em go to town!

Wow! Play dress up on the driveway? This idea is ingenious. Be sure to take pictures when the works of art are done. This brilliant idea comes from The Iowa Farmers Wife.

Ooooh, spongeballs! Easy to make and your kids will have safe, tossing fun! Instructions included in this post.

Do-It-Yourself Sprinklers make for loads of fun. Make it a bike-wash (kid wash) or the kind you can run through. It's wet and wacky and your kids will have a blast!

Nature Crafts!  Take a nature walk treasure hunt and combine it with crafty ideas like this one.

Bubbles are great backyard fun. You can buy them or make them yourself. This article includes FIVE recipes!

Hungry Sharks sorting game for toddlers will keep them busy for hours! Use it when they need a little down-time from the pool or other summer activities.

Shark sorting game for toddlers from Two Daloo blog

Doggie fun in the pool. 

Young children aren't the only ones who need summer activities. Our yellow lab, Sadie, is turning 2 this month and like any energetic two year old, she needs stuff to do. 
Today, it was fun in the sun in her hard-shell wading pool!

So, what are your summer plans? Got something fun on the agenda? 

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