Ducks 'n a Row: N is for Nest - Preschool Craft Fun!

25 July 2014

N is for Nest - Preschool Craft Fun!

By Sinea Pies

Combine a simple science / nature lesson with this fun preschool letter N craft!

Read them a story about a bird building a nest and add a little question / answer time:
What is a nest?
Who builds the nest?
What is it for?
What is it made out of?
Where do you usually find bird nests?

N is for Nest preschool craft with FREE printables!
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Education Activity For Kids:   How To Make A Bird's Nest

N is for Nest Preschool Craft

You will need:
Glue Stick
Child-safe scissors
Brown paper lunch bag 
(cut into strips)
Letter N Coloring Page 
(printed on card-stock)
Construction Paper 
(yellow and blue pictured here)
Laminated Eyes - Beak - Bird Eggs Page 
(free printable below)

This activity will help your preschooler with his/her cutting skills (essential for Kindergarten readiness.) Your child also will have fun with coloring, gluing and following directions. Make one in advance as an example of what the final product can look like but, when children do it, allow for lots of creativity. I've seen birds eggs with eyes and beaks!!! LOL

Prepare the lesson by printing the Letter N page on card stock for sturdiness. Draw the body on one color of construction paper or colored copier paper. Draw the wing on a different color. Allow your child the fun of cutting them out. 

Print your Eye-Beak-Bird Egg page on card-stock and laminate it for durability. Again, your child can cut some out or you can join in and help on this one. Your call. I try to have them do as much as possible themselves.

Your preschooler should color the letter N first and then glue the bird on. Using shredded paper lunch bag, the child glues a patch for the nest. Glue the eggs in the middle of the nest and it is done! A masterpiece. 
Bird watching over her eggs in the nest. Letter N is for Nest preschool craft.

FREE Printables Here: 
Eyes Beak Bird Eggs Printable
Bird Body
Bird Wing
Letter N Coloring Page

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