Ducks 'n a Row: The Ultimate FACEBOOK BOOSTING Party Begins NOW!

15 July 2014

The Ultimate FACEBOOK BOOSTING Party Begins NOW!

Welcome to our great new Ultimate Facebook Boosting Party!
We are going to have lots of fun this whole week boosting each other's posts but first, before we get started, I want to share my favorite from LAST week.

Isn't it sweet? It would be so great if you'd visit this Facebook post and boost it, if you haven't already. 
Just comment, like and/or share it. 
If you aren't already a fan, LIKE her PAGE too!

And now for our NEW party!
The Ultimate Party on Facebook 
We all know that Facebook would like for us pay them to boost our posts, but most of us don't have the resources to do that! However, Facebook cannot be ignored. Even though Google+ and Instagram are said to be the newer medias to focus on, there are many people in our followings who use Facebook all the time and do not desire to go anywhere else. Another reality, brands still want to see how many followers a blogger has on her Facebook page and the interaction it receives. This party is designed to help!

The Ultimate Party on Facebook
Whenever a post is liked, commented on, or shared, that post is boosted -- FOR FREE -- it's as simple as that! Facebook weights shares the highest, then comments, and likes are weighted the lowest...but all are important  This party will be done in the same format as The Ultimate Party on G+:

First follow your hosts and co-hosts on Facebook.

Tammy from The Ultimate Linky Tammy from My Life Abundant click to follow on fb click to follow on fb
Kim from Kid Pep Sinea from Ducks 'n a Row click to follow on fbclick to follow on fb
Crystal from Finding Crystal click to follow on fb Paula from Buenos Aires click to follow on fb Amber from Snapshots and Snippets click to follow on fb

Post a status to your own facebook page and add the hashtag #theultimateparty. Only do 2 statuses that include the hashtag. Use the hashtag only on Tuesdays!

Then in the facebook browser window, search for the hashtag #theultimateparty. #theultimateparty

Go and boost other posts that have that hashtag on Tuesdays. There may be some weird party groups using the hashtag. If you can tell it isn't a blogger or if you think it is spam, ignore it.

You can follow our Facebook page (The Ultimate Party) if you want to see our updates! We will also send an email to anyone who links up to remind you of next week's party. You can always unsubscribe if you do not want to receive the emails!

If you wish, you can follow our Pinterest board called The Ultimate Party where all of your hosts can pin your great posts.

Optional: You can include your pin URL that coincides with your post on G+ so that others can pin it if they want to do so. If you repin the pin, please try to remember to include the hashtag #theultimateparty in the pin description.

We would love it if you grabbed our button!

Ultimate Party on Facebook

Spread the news and our party will GROW!!!

Please tweet it!

Before you link up, we have one more special feature that truly makes this Facebook party The Ultimate Party!
Every weekday except for Tuesday, you can share your posts on one of the host's pages. 
Your host will have instructions pinned to the top of her Facebook page on her day. My day is FRIDAY. In addition, I will be selecting at least one post to feature on the next week's party as it appears on my I will boost every post shared as a status link on my page. 
 Here is the schedule:Schedule for Facebook share days
Now you get to link up and party!
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