Ducks 'n a Row: Four Heavenly Bathroom Refurbishments

22 August 2014

Four Heavenly Bathroom Refurbishments

bathroom accessories #bathrooms #homeimprovements #towelsYour bathroom should be the best room in your home. It's a place to luxuriate at the end of the working day, and let your cares and worries float away. If your bathroom is old and tired, however, it can seem less than inviting. Nobody wants to spend time in a bathroom with chipped tiles, or with clashing colours. Don't worry, here are four tips that can turn your bathroom from hell into a heavenly bathroom.

Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Do you have a marble or tiled bathroom floor? It creates a spectacular look that will impress all of your visitors. They are also hygienic, and very easy to clean. The only disadvantage that they have is that they can be cold to the feet, especially in winter. We all know the feeling of stepping from a warm bath onto a cold tiled floor, but it can be avoided. Underfloor heating can be effective throughout the home, but is especially suited to the bathroom.

Heating coils run underneath the surface of the floor, creating a pleasantly warm surface to walk upon whenever needed. They can be installed underneath any type of flooring substrate, and so make a perfect bathroom renovation idea. Hot air rises, and so you'll find that your underfloor heating can make the room as a whole seem cosier and more inviting. You may even be able to turn your central heating down, leading to cheaper utility bills, and lowering your carbon footprint in the process.

Create a Wet Room

Do you find bathing harder than it used to be? If so, then a wet room can be perfect for you. Your bathroom will be transformed into a stylish walk in shower, making it ideal for senior citizens and those with mobility problems. They're safe, easy to use, and even easier to clean and maintain.
Wet rooms aren't only for people who want to make bathing a little easier, they make a great addition to any home. Because of their minimalist look, they complement homes that have a fashionably contemporary look. They can also save you time, yet still provide a powerful and invigorating showering experience.

Install Towel Radiators

What could be better than draping yourself in a luxurious towel after enjoying a refreshing bath or shower? If only they were already warm when you wrap yourself in them. When you have new towel radiators installed, you're combining practicality with an elegant and luxurious touch. There's a wide choice of towel radiators available from online specialists such as Adige Towel Radiators, so you're sure to find one that suits your style and your budget. Whether you prefer traditional heated towel rails, or something more eye catching such as chrome curved towel radiators, they add a unique touch and make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.

Towel radiators are the most efficient way to dry even the most plush of towels, but they also heat the bathroom as a whole. You'll notice the difference, and want to spend longer than ever in your beautifully refurbished bathroom.

Harness the Magic of Mirrors

Every bathroom needs a mirror or two, but the emphasis can be on making your bathroom fabulous not just functional. Oval mirrors with ornate surrounds can be especially striking. A large mirror is better than several small mirrors, and can become the crowning glory of the room. Install feature lighting above it, with dimmer controls, to create a mood that enhances the relaxing atmosphere.

These are just some of the ways that you can make bath times even more enjoyable, and create a fantastic impression on everyone who visits your home. With a little planning, your bathroom can become the most exciting room in your home.

Photo by Brian Snelson
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