Ducks 'n a Row: Kids Party Ideas - Awesome Birthday Party Themes

18 August 2014

Kids Party Ideas - Awesome Birthday Party Themes

By Sinea Pies

Kids birthday parties #birthday #partyideas #kidspartyideas Ducks 'n a Row

Having a tough time coming up with something new for your child's birthday party? Princesses and pirates are only two of many great themes around which to build a kids party. The possibilities are endless! So, let's get busy here and throw a great birthday party for your child.

First, select a theme.  Start by asking the birthday boy or girl what he or she likes. Bugs, dinosaurs, trucks, teddy bears? Your child's interests are the perfect jumping off point for a party theme.

Party Theme Ideas  
"Living Things" Parties: Bugs, dinosaurs, jungle animals, pet parade, and zoo animals all make great party themes. All parties centered on living things can have names and faces for just about everything. You can even name the food! For example, Green Slime Frog Punch, Dinosaur Donuts, Puppy Face Pizza, and My Little Kitty Birthday Cake.

"Cat in the Hat": Everything at this party will be based on Dr. Seuss and his marvelous books. 

Chef themed party #kidspartyideas #kidsparties #birthday Ducks 'n a Row
Chef Themed Party: Chef hats and aprons for everyone! Bake and eat the product right at the party.  

Color Party: Everyone dresses in your child's favorite color. The food, decorations, balloons and all party d├ęcor will include that color.

Construction Party: Bob the Builder is a great construction character to build your party on.

"Happily Ever After" Party: 
Little girls love pretty and sparkly. Fantasy characters from movies and books make great party themes. 
Try "Tangled," "Cinderella," "Princess and the Frog," "Tinker Bell," or "Beauty and the Beast." You know which one is right for your little princess.

Happily ever after party #girlsbirthday #birthdayparty #princessparty Ducks

Outer Space: Rocket ships, planets, even space creatures can make an entertaining party.

Sports Enthusiasts: Mix 'em up or pick the one sport that is your child's favorite. Don't forget about the possibility of an Olympics party, especially if the Olympics are right around the corner!

Superheroes: Superman? Batman? Spiderman? Green Lantern? Include them all or celebrate with that one special character your child likes most.

As soon as you settle on a theme, jot down some ideas, weaving that theme through everything you do. That will include the invitations, paper goods, decorations and banners, goodie bags, games and food.

It can be great fun to have the party-goers dress in kind, as well. Ask them to come dressed in costume or offer a prop when they arrive at the door. 

For instance, if your little one is enamored with Dr. Seuss's "Cat in the Hat" and you opt for a "Cat in the Hat" party, make hats just like the one in the story for everyone to wear. If you go for a construction party, get plastic hard hats from the local party store for your child and his friends. Is Tinkerbell the centerpiece? How about a fairy wand for everyone! 

Speaking of hats, hats are fun to decorate. Buy some cheap party hats and make it a craft project as part of the party activities. Kids can decorate their hats and take them home when they leave.

Now that you have the theme set, time to plan games and activities: Kids Party Activities

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