Ducks 'n a Row: Top 5 Home Improvement Projects Every Homeowner Has To Do

21 August 2014

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects Every Homeowner Has To Do

When homeowners purchase a new home they quickly learn whether or not their home is new or in need of repairs. If their home isn't new, they might run into some issues that require maintenance and repair. Though some do-it-yourselfers may have the enthusiasm level needed to tackle many household repairs, sometimes it's better and safer to call an expert and let your general contractor efficiently provide the solution you need. The following are just a few headaches--er, fixes--you may need during the course of owning your home.

Deck Waterproofing / Repair
Deck maintenance; deck sealing  #decksUnfortunately, deck maintenance isn't one of those every-ten-years sorts of tasks. Decks that are made of wood need inspection every year to ensure that there is no rotting and that all of the wood is properly sealed. 

Moreover, repairs need to be made right away to protect the integrity of the structure. You can quickly notice whether or not a deck has been maintained every year simply by conducting a simple inspection. These inspections include looking for rotted posts, missing nails, wimpy post connections and more (Source: Easy Deck Inspection And Deck Repair Tips)  

Big dog #dogfence #dogs #dogsafety #homeimprovements

Fence Replacement
If that cute little mixed breed exceeds size expectations and somehow menacingly towers over your quaint picket fence, you may be contemplating a taller fence design--and rightly so! Your general contractor can help you install "custom built fences" 
(1) that achieve the barrier you need with a style and design you love. There are many different fence types such as a wooden fence, vinyl fence, and metal fence to choose from. They all have there pros and cons so look into these before deciding on which fence type is right for you. 

Playing in puddles is fun. #puddles #water #leaks

Home Leak Detection / Repair
If you notice standing water in your yard and it hasn't rained, you may have a problem with your irrigation system. Moreover, if you're being charged unusually high water bills though your habits haven't changed regarding water usage, you may need help detecting a hidden leak. Just think: "a dripping faucet can waste 15 gallons a day." (2) Call your contractor right away to get to the bottom of the problem because the longer you wait the worse it will become.

Rodent, Pest, and Bug Removal
raccoons, rodents, pests #raccoon #wildlife Ducks 'n a RowIt's bound to happen that at one time or another, a family of raccoons is going to find your trash to be the tastiest garbage in the while neighborhood and makes themselves at home. Of course, compared to bedbugs or cockroaches, raccoons are almost welcome. Most homeowners will need to call in the specialists at least once to help get rid of unwanted critters.

Water Heater Replacement
Nothing like a cold shower when you're already late for work! If you're hot water goes out or, perhaps, you walk into a swamp after your hot water heater has been leaking, you probably need repairs or even replacement.

These problems, while headaches, are common enough among most homeowners. With the right assistance, you can solve these issues efficiently and effectively.

1. M & L Construction
2. American Water, "Detecting Leaks" 

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