Ducks 'n a Row: 5 Minute Organizing Tips You Can Do Anytime

22 September 2014

5 Minute Organizing Tips You Can Do Anytime

By Sinea Pies

Five minute organizing tips #spicerack #organize #clutter Ducks 'n a row

How many times have your efforts to get organized been stymied for lack of time? More times than you can count, right? Just as you think you've found a day that you can really get things done, something comes up! Your child gets sick. An unexpected visitor drops by. An offer you cannot refuse comes your way. Delay delay delay.

Conquering chaos is not done in the long campaigns. Winning over "stuff" comes with a steady "little by little." Here are some 5-minute projects you can do to move you one step closer to the beauty of an organized home!

Organize your spices. This task may not get conquered in one 5 minute attempt but 5 here and 5 there can add up to a totally organized spice collection. Where to start? EXPIRATION DATES! As you look at the group, you will just know which ones to read first. Seldom used. Maybe a little worse for wear? Yup. They will have to go. If you do use them, add it to your grocery list.


Clean out the silverware drawer. Oh how liberating a neat silverware drawer can be. Try it. Move fast. Love it!
coupon clipping #savings
Clip coupons. Clip what you know you'll use; throw all the rest away or save them for a friend. Do not leave the flyers lying around. Point of this exercise is to move toward neatness.
folded clothes, folded laundry #organizing #cleaning #laundry

Fold some clothes. Folded clothes stay nice while waiting to be put in drawers or on hangers. You'll be one step closer to getting the whole job done by using that five minutes to fold them. 

Get rid of make-up clutter. Once in a while you just have to say "goodbye" to those old lipsticks and ancient eye shadows. Throw away the stuff you haven't used in 6 months or more, clean and rearrange the ones you're keeping.


Reduce a pile of paper. Move a pile of magazines to the recycling box - well, maybe not THIS one- or sort out the junk from your unopened mail. Make a quick job of it. Don't get stuck there!
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Write a menu. Effective grocery lists are built on weekly menu plans. Check the freezer, frig and cupboards for supplies and plan your menu. Consider the nights you will have time to cook and those where the schedule will not allow. Those may be slow-cooker nights or take out!

Make a List. To do list. Grocery list. Quick reminders written on paper can save lots of time in the long run.

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