Ducks 'n a Row: Getting Healthy Naturally

18 September 2014

Getting Healthy Naturally

By Sinea Pies

Am I the only one who laughs when I hear the warnings on television commercials for prescription medications? The story goes something like this: On the screen we see an attractive happy person, frolicking with family and pets, free of pain and illness while an ominous, endless warning is pronounced by a voice from the wings “Do not take this if you have heart disease, high blood-pressure, diabetes or itching on your left elbow on the day of a high moon. May cause thoughts of suicide or endless chatter. Use of this medication has been known to produce severe headaches, sleeplessness, cancer and even sudden death.”

I marvel that there are more warnings than promises in these commercials. Makes you wonder why ANYONE would take them?

Now, I have a deep appreciation for the medical profession and what medications can do for us. There are people in my family who need and take many of them.
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My greater interest, however, is in using what can be found in nature to help me and my family to get and stay healthy. Personally, there are some herbs that have wonderfully helped me in the menopause stage of life. They've nearly eradicated hot flashes and aching plus I still look somewhat young-ish. Yipee!

That is why, when the opportunity came along to learn and write about Puraforce Remedies, I snatched it up. Achieving wellness through natural means is something that I believe in.

Australia's Nicole Cunningham is the founder of Puraforce Remedies. A Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine, Nicole has developed products that will encourage your body's natural ability to heal itself. She explains that these products are safe to use, even in conjunction with prescribed medications, because they are plant, animal and mineral based --things from God's green earth.

Your family's health is important. Why not take a moment to peruse her website and learn more about the products and services she provides. It is even possible to consult with her to get recommendations targeted for your particular needs!

PuraforceRemedies products are currently available in Australia, soon to be coming to the US. Take a look around the website, read the testimonies and, if you have questions, even contact Nicole herself.

This is a sponsored post written by me, Sinea Pies, on behalf of Puraforce Remedies. The opinions in this article are 100% my own.
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