Ducks 'n a Row: How To Make A USA Cookie Map

10 October 2014

How To Make A USA Cookie Map

by Sinea Pies

My daughter is a homeschooling mom. She teaches my precious 8 year old granddaughter, MacKenzie, and a cute little sweetie named Kailyn, age 7. Their most recent, very creative, history/geography lesson involved making an edible map of the United States. Correction: 2 edible maps!!! What fun. 

USA cookie map #maps #sugarcookies #homeschooling

First, Shannon took the girls to the store with their list of ingredients. Her students were the shoppers. Each girl is in 3rd and 2nd grade, respectively. Had they been a little bit older, she would have had them do the money-math, as well. At their age, reading the recipe and selecting the various candies and decorations was just challenging enough to be educational and stay FUN.

The girls selected it all, including their own frosting. MacKenzie is a chocolate lover so, no surprise,chocolate was the flavor she chose. Kailyn loves pastels so she picked pink.

USA cookie map #homeschool #geography #map Ducks n a Row

Chocolate chips served as mountain ranges. Yellow generic chocolate candies (M&M type) were used for desert regions. Green candy for plush forest areas. Blue candies for water, such as the great lakes and Mississippi River. 

US cookie map, edible map, geography lesson #sugarcookies

To make a cookie map, use a large jelly roll baking pan and classic rolled sugar cookie dough. (recipe link below) Bake it, let it cool and cut the outline to look like the map you are making. Have a copy of the map nearby for your children to use as a visual aid.  
BTW, the scraps taste good, too, so don't throw them out. In this case, grandpa got them and enjoyed every bite!

United States cookie map, USA map, #sugarcookies #maps #homeschooling

Love this USA Cookie Map?

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