Ducks 'n a Row: Quick Way To Find The Very Best Followers on Google+

17 October 2014

Quick Way To Find The Very Best Followers on Google+

By Sinea Pies

How to find great followers on Google+ #socialmediatips

Google+ is fast becoming my favorite social media platform. Not only is it an excellent way to meet others who share the same interests as you but you can promote your work -- posts, photos, businesses - on it, too. A huge additional benefit is that you gain search engine status on Google+ when you write your posts with keywords in mind (we'll discuss that in a future chat.)

Having lots of Google+ followers is a good thing. Having lots of ACTIVE followers is so much better! I accidentally "tripped" over a convenient feature on Google + that makes it quick and easy to add followers to your circles, the BEST followers.  These are the people who have shown an interest in the things you love. They are the ones you especially want -- the ones engaging in the ongoing conversation, not just bystanders.
Google Plus

Here is how it works:

When someone gives you a 1+, comments or shares their post, a tiny icon (often their photo or logo) shows up. If you have had a lot of activity on that post, you will see several little thumbprint photos. 

Those photos are not just there for decoration. They are there to be USED.  They are a gateway to finding out "who did what" and whether you are already following them. If you are not following them, you can add them immediately. These people are active on Google+ and they are the ones you want to follow and support. 
Friends helping friends!


  • Go to your G+ profile page where your posts are displayed.
  • Look at your posts.
  • Do any have small thumbprint photos of other Google+ users?
  • Hover the mouse over those photos and a bubble will appear over them that says "Activity On This Post
  • Left-click your mouse.
  • The photos swivel into a list of all who interacted on that post. Wow!!!
  • You will see:  their names and what they did (1+, comment, share) 
  • Now, hover over their names. It will tell you if you already follow them.
  • If you do not follow them, an "ADD" button will appear.
  • Add them! I highly recommend adding them there and then!  They promoted your post. They are great people to have in your circles!
  • Isn't that easy? Yes, it is!

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