Ducks 'n a Row: 5 Big Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

21 November 2014

5 Big Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

By Sinea Pies

Do the holidays get to you? Eliminate unnecessary holiday stress now with smart preparation. Here are 5 Big Holiday Tips and a convenient Winter Holidays 2014-2015 Date List to make things go much more smoothly.

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1. Plan ahead. Jot down the simple things that matter so much. Make a checklist. 
Does Uncle Joe enjoy egg nog? Put it on your list. 
Do you love to have fire in the fireplace? Make sure you have everything on hand far in advance of when you'll need it. 
Add it all to your checklist:
Recharge the battery in your camera.
Buy batteries for electronics,  toys,  smoke detectors, etc. Again, put them on the checklist! 
Get everyone beautified. Make hair appointments for your family. Have the dog groomed. Are there special clothes that your family will want to wear? Especially if it is "dry clean only" you'll need to take care of it now. Checklist!

How about decorations and wrappings? List everything you'll need and inventory what you already have: wrapping paper, tape, gift tags, greeting cards, ribbon, gift bags, Christmas stockings, uh oh...STOCKING STUFFERS! 
Put anything you don't already have on the list.

2. Bake early. Either prepare the cookies, wrap well and freeze or pre-make cookie dough to thaw and bake fresh on the eve of any special event. This can also work with other foods. Many great hors d'oeuvres and finger foods can be prepared ahead, frozen and thawed on the "day of".    

3. Pre-shop. Much of your holiday shopping can be done online right from home but some of holiday fun is getting out there! Just be strategic on how you do it!  
Check out the stores online and study the inserts in the newspaper. Make a plan. Call ahead to check availability of important items so you know which stores to go to and which ones to skip. 

4. Manage your shopping time. Go to the stores when fewer shoppers will be there to get in your way! I have found that Monday evenings at about 5:00 pm are a great time to go to the mall. Parking is conveniently available up near the door and crowds are few.

5. Get gift receipts. By providing gift receipts you will allow your loved ones to make an exchange guilt-free --and you won't be asked to make the exchange for them! Tape the receipt inside the box and let them know it's there.

Winter Holidays
November 27th
December 17th* first day
December 25th
New Year's Day
January 1st
February 1st
Valentine's Day
February 14th

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Photo by Serge Bertasis on Freedigital Photos

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