Ducks 'n a Row: T is for Turkey - Preschool Thanksgiving Craft

22 November 2014

T is for Turkey - Preschool Thanksgiving Craft

By Sinea Pies

This craft is so easy for a little preschooler's hands and it looks so cool when it's done. 3-D!!! (Well, almost 3-D. Texturized?)

Turkey Tissue Paper Thanksgiving Craft 

You will need: 
  • coloring page (below) printed on white card or cover stock paper 
  • colored tissue paper
  • brown paper bag
  • glue-stick
  • scissors
  • googly eye(s)

Cut the tissue paper and brown paper bag in strips. 
Tear pieces off and crinkle them up. 
Apply gluestick to the area you are working on and stick the paper in place. Simple, huh?
We twisted the orange paper for the ring around the back of the bird and snood (the flap of skin that hangs over its beak.) 
Apply a googly eye.* 

*You will have to explain to your little one why it's only one eye...or it may just be easier to let him put on two! Especially with 3 year olds, it can be very troubling to them to impair their turkey with only one eye! I love it!! I've learned to let them go with the artistic-flow and do it whatever way they feel good about.

Free Turkey Coloring Page from Animals Town

Here is another great Thanksgiving craft for the letter "T": Tee Pees

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