Ducks 'n a Row: Organizing Routines - Just Do It!

26 December 2014

Organizing Routines - Just Do It!

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Simple routines are a key to living an organized life.
Simple routines.
Sometimes we complicate things that are best done simply. 
What routines have helped you get closer to achieving your goals?

Keeping your checkbook balanced?
Making your bed everyday?
Cleaning your sink?

Giving the simple routines priority produces an "I can do it" attitude when we meet up with the tougher circumstances of life. I have previously shared my theory that "when life is out of control, it's time to clean a drawer!" I still hold to that. Small accomplishments give you a sense of empowerment. 

Simple Routines
1. Use a list. Anyone who considers themself to be organized will tell you that lists are a key to their success. A list is the chart that helps you navigate toward your goal. It keeps you on track and helps you to not forget the important things. 

Your checklist can become a game plan, too, but remember that game plans must be flexible. Games can change in a moment's notice (Don't believe me? Take a look at football!) Be ready to accept that not everything on that list may get done in one day. The list is a tool created to work for you, you do not work for your list. 

2. Establish a start-up plan. Whether it is a before bed routine or first thing in the morning, each day has a starting point. If you take a few minutes to prepare, your day will go better. Set out the next day's clean clothes the night before. Make lunch in advance. Open your Bible in the morning and say a prayer. Preparation will make everything run so much more smoothly.

3. Keep first things first. What little things does it take to keep your life on track? I have found that a clean kitchen sink, for instance, leads to a clean kitchen. And, tackling the spots in my home that collect the clutter fastest works. I call it the "centerpiece strategy.

4. Make new discoveries. Some routines are really ruts. You get stuck doing it the same way over and over again, not recognizing that there is a better plan. Keep your eyes open for new ways to do things. My "kitchen counter attack" was one of those "ah-ha moments" for me. 

So what routines have made your life simpler?
We'd love to know!

Love Organizing?

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