Ducks 'n a Row: Snowman Craft for Preschoolers

19 December 2014

Snowman Craft for Preschoolers

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Last year my first adventure in making homemade playdough was the Glittery Playdough that we used for our snowman craft. It was a fun activity and the snowmen turned out so cute. The kids loved it!

As is typical with a first-time experience, though, there were some things that  I made a mental note to do differently. First, no candy for buttons. The color from the blue M&M's ran a little bit onto the dough. Also, the playdough recipe was a good one but not the best one. I later found a much nicer recipe that I shared with you in my How To Make Playdough post. It makes a much softer and more pliable dough. Very fun to use. When my students have a choice between the homemade and store-bought, they ask for the homemade every time. I'll never go back.

Playdough Snowman Craft Supplies
Homemade white playdough
Display mat
#kidscrafts #holidaycrafts #snowman

This year we used colored pasta for the eyes, nose and buttons. It worked great! We had just studied the Letter J is for Jewelry and I had tons of colored pasta left from our jewelry making craft (pasta = beads.) Those little colored morsels were just begging to be used! The arms were made with pretzel sticks. Scarf? A pipe cleaner. The top hat was cut out of black construction paper.

The mat that I made last year for the glittery snowman looked so nice that I decided to do it again. It is a special way for the children to display their works of art. 

Here is a copy of the display mat for you to print and use. I recommend laminating it. There are two mats to a page.

Tip: This is a nice "keep 'em busy" craft to do at a holiday party where little children are among the guests. They will love it and so will you!

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