Ducks 'n a Row: Drop It! Create a Family Drop Zone and Stop Clutter In Its Tracks

02 January 2015

Drop It! Create a Family Drop Zone and Stop Clutter In Its Tracks

By Sinea Pies
drop zone; command center; organizing; decluttering

"Stuff" taking over? Where does clutter just overrun you? In most cases, it is where people (or dogs) first enter your home. The foyer. The kitchen. The hallway. The nearest table. Where is your "hot spot?"

And, what kind of stuff are you dealing with? Gloves, hats, sunglasses, keys, the mail, leashes, toys, school books, the newspaper, loose change, toys? Best clutter-busting practice is to corral the clutter as it first invades your territory. Confine it to small, usable space.  Create a "drop zone." Here are three types that work great.

drop zone, organizing, command center, Ducks n a Row

1. The Quick Drop
Place a tray, decorative plate or shallow basket on the table or counter-top nearest that entry. It will be the drop zone for small items. It is movable, so cleaning is a breeze. It looks nice (if not piled high) so things can remain in it till they go out the door again.
organizing plan; baskets, shelving, declutter

2. The Sweep
Baskets with purpose can be attractive containers to "sweep" stuff into when it is too much for a little tray. If you have a table that allows enough space underneath, you can free up the table top by stashing your clutter below. Now,the storage unit above utilizes an entire wall but you can put the principal into action using the space underneath a bench or hallway table. If you have toddlers or puppies, this will be tempting for mischief. You will be re-sweeping regularly....counter productive. If you can find baskets with lids that seal shut? Then you have a perfect solution.

organizing, command center, drop zone

3. The Hang Up
Hooks are a wonderful thing. My favorite use is as a replacement for a mudroom. You can label each hook for the family member to which it belongs and they will hang up their jackets, scarves and/or bags.  

Clutter hot spots? No more! Yipee!
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Photo Credits:

  • Frustrated by noego on Flickr Creative Commons
  • Drop basket by Sinea Pies on Ducks 'n a Row
  • Wall Organizer with baskets by Josh & Melanie Rosenthal on Flickr Creative Commons
  • Hallway Command Center from It's For The Home blog
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