Ducks 'n a Row: L is for Lion - Preschool Fun!

16 January 2015

L is for Lion - Preschool Fun!

preschool lesson and craft about lions and the letter L

The King of the Jungle is a perfect subject when teaching preschoolers about the letter L. He is so regal. So fascinating. Captivating! One of my favorite Bible stories is Daniel in the Lion's Den. When going to the zoo or the circus, lions are one of the first attractions that I think of, how about you?

So, for my first year teaching preschool (children ages 3 & 4), we focused on lions. We learned about their habits and habitat. We did read Daniel's close encounter with powerful, hungry lions and we made this wonderful craft. I took the same crinkled tissue paper technique that we used in the Thanksgiving Turkey craft and applied it to the mane. Personally, i think it turned out looking really nice.
Letter L is for Lion #preschool

First, we colored the picture of the lion. Then, ripping tissue paper, crinkling small pieces with our fingers, we glued  (glue stuck?) it to the mane. Voila! The King of the Jungle!
Lion coloring page printed on white card or cover stock paper
Tissue paper: orange and yellow
Brown paper lunch bags
Glue Stick(s)

preschool and kindergarten crafts

Here are some of the wonderful lions made by my preschool class.

The next time we do the lion lesson, I plan on making this cute Lion Cake for my class as a special treat! I love food art

special lion cake snack to accompany preschool L is for Lion lesson

Love this L is for Lion preschool craft?
Others will, too. :)

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