Ducks 'n a Row: Can't Keep Up? 5 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Blogging

20 March 2015

Can't Keep Up? 5 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Blogging

By Sinea Pies

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Blogging, what a life! Work in your pajamas till noon as you leisurely sip a mocha latte. Check your blogging stats as the mountain of money piles up. 3pm?  Time to pick up the kids in your limo, driven by a guy named Lars. Hubby knows you've had a hard day so he brings home dinner. "Lobster-Shrimp Delight", your favorite. And the house? Hazel, your trusty maid and comical sidekick, has it all under control. Nothing to do?  Hop in the jacuzzi for a relaxing soak-- you've had a hard day.

What! Whose dream was that?  Yours, maybe. Reality is somewhere between fun and desperation. Oh, you love to blog. You love being home more. It is a great life but not a cake walk. Blogging is not all you do. 

You cover ALL the bases:
event planning / attending
negotiater / settler of disputes
health care giving
a paying job?

And blogging is so much more than writing. You manage social media. You strategize your marketing to monetize your blog and try to earn an income. You are now a photographer, graphic designer and marketing executive. You are constantly learning, honing, improving. There are days when you wonder if you should just throw in the towel and GIVE UP! But you don't. You love blogging!

If you are finding it difficult to do everything, join the club. It is a balancing act. For those who are having trouble keeping up, here are a few says to make things work a little better.

5 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Blogging

1. Know Your Limitations
One person just cannot do it all. Tell the perfectionist in you to take a hike! She doesn't know what she's talking about. To avoid burnout and keep it fun, identify what you can and cannot do. 

Blogging can be seasonal, as well. You may have to plan for a little less blogging during soccer season, for example. Don't be that parent at the sideline who missed the whole game because you were writing on your laptop. Turn off the technology and enjoy your child's life. Someday those precious moments will be gone.

2. Make a Blogging Schedule
Your readers will continue to come back even if you cannot post every day if you have a schedule. Some blogs post daily - even more than once. Others post only five days a week, Mon - Fri. Those bloggers will let a real gem of a post stay top of the homepage for the weekend. Still others may go three or four days a week. Set a schedule and try to stick with it. If it is not working, revamp it a bit. This will take the pressure off of you. 

Add to it a social media plan. Do you have time to start or end the day answering comments and visiting blog hops? Then, do that. Post to social media as you are able. There are ways to preschedule posts on certain platforms. If you have a little extra cash to invest, find a progam that will do it for you. Many of us still post manually, though,  and that is OK, too. 

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3. Prioritize "First Things First"
This is the decision making part of it. Know what comes first. If church is number one, keep it number one. Got a sick or elderly family member for whom you care. They have to be top of the list, too. Consider what the "more important things" must be and keep them there. Blogging will have to fit into the picture, not the other way around.

4. Party
This has a double meaning. Yes, make time for rest and relaxation. ENJOY your life. But the "party" that can truly help you lighten your blogging load is to cohost a blog hop. Attending blog hops will increase your reader traffic and circle of friends. Co-hosting parties will give you new material for your page with little work on your part.

I host the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop, as many of you know. This is the party that is work for me, but I love it. I am so grateful for my co-hosts who increase the exposure - we are on 10 blogs! They also comment on our guests' posts and share the party on their social media. They are a very big part of what makes it a success, along with you who come there. Set-up, though, is my responsibility. I design the page, format it and send the html code to my co-hosts so that they can post the party on their site every week. It is a task that must be done.

The Google+ Growing Circles Hop that I co-host on Thursdays is much less work for me and puts new material on my page. This one is managed by Kim of 2JustByou. She does the work and sends me the code. After loading it up to go live at 9am ET that Thursday morning, my other responsibility is to answer comments on my own page and publicize it to my readers. Simple. Co-hosting will give you a breather and it is fun to do. So, if you are willing to promote it every week, consider asking to co-host a party on your page. Even if there isn't room right now, smart blog hop hosts will keep your name in reserve in case the need arises.

5. Ask For Help
As you develop friendships with other bloggers, you will know who can turn to in time of need. If you have an emergency going on in your life that is curtailing your ability to promote posts, ask a couple of friends if they can promote them for you on their social media. 

Can't keep up with your schedule? Advertise that dilemma in a post or on social media. Tell other writers that you need help. There are bloggers who will be very willing to write a guestpost for you. Help will arrive! 

Once, when I was overwhelmed, a blogging friend let me put her bloghop on my page as a cohost with no expectations in return. Cathy [A Peek Into My Paradise] just wanted to help. Bloggers have big hearts. They WILL come through. 

Another time I read that a fellow blogger was having a baby. It was her fourth child and she was in a quandry on what to do when the blessed event arrived. She was going to be mega-busy for a while. I was one of maybe 20+ bloggers who came to the rescue. We all wrote a guestpost for her and got her through.

So, do you still love blogging? Then, BLOG! Keep it fun. Pace yourself. You'll find a way. If you have to,  take a vacation from it but don't let it die. Leave a note on your blog "be back later" so that your faithful readers know to try back another time. 

What do you do when blogging ceases to be fun and is an overwhelming chore?  
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