Ducks 'n a Row: Happy Birthday Girl Scouts - We love you and your COOKIES, too!

12 March 2015

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts - We love you and your COOKIES, too!

By Sinea Pies

Yes, the Girl Scouts are celebrating their birthday. 

"Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!"  

March 12, 1912 is the day that the Girl Scouts were born. Founded in Savannah, Georgia by Juliette Gordon Low, the organization was created for girls to have a fun place where they could belong. 

The program motivates each girl to develop her gifts and talents to their fullest potential. They are inspired to live lives of high moral character, loyalty, friendship, generosity, compassion, courage and faith. 
They earn badges. 
They go on camp-outs. 
They help the community and ... 
They sell absolutely delicious COOKIES!

Girl Scout Cookies
This, of course, is also Girl Scout Cookie season. The fundraiser is a national event that is worthy of a special place on the calendar and may be the most popular fundraiser anywhere. Many a household plans on it. Girl Scouts depend on it. 

What is your favorite flavor? I love the Lemonades and the Shortbreads. But guess what the most popular Girls Scout Cookie is by far? Thin Mints! Thin Mints accounts for 25% of total sales. 

Movie Star Alert:  Guess who just spontaneously decided to help the Girl Scouts in San Fransisco sell cookies, while he was buying some boxes of his own? Tom Hanks!

DIY Girl Scout Cookie Charm Bracelet VIDEO
Now, this is a real winner. Kawaii Sweet World demonstrates how to make this cute Girl Scout Cookie Charm Bracelet (below.) 
Girl Scout Cookies

If you are reading this post by email and want to see the video, you need to click on the title to get to see it.

Sweet Little Video Demo Below

Make the cookies yourself? I dunno. Maybe.

Many a baking expert has tried to duplicate Girls Scout cookies in their kitchen. I haven't tried it myself. Personally, I'd rather buy them,  but these Copycat Samoa Cookies by Raining Hot Coupons do look very close to the real thing!

The Two Girl Scouts That I Love. 
My granddaughter is a Girl Scout. My daughter, her mom,  is a troop leader. To say that I am proud of them is an understatement. In my opinion, they are great examples of what Girl Scouts should be. Through them, I have gained a greater appreciation for the Girl Scout organization as I get to see what they do, up close and personal.  

Now, take a look around. If there is a girl scout nearby, be sure to buy some cookies from her and help keep an American tradition going strong. If not, you can find out how to buy them here: Find Girl Scout Cookies

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